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Employees say Communication = Trust

June is Employee Wellness Month
June is Employee Wellness Month

Canadians say, “It’s just a job”

A survey conducted by Careerbuilder Canada found 58% of Canadians feel they have “just a job” while 48% describe their current employment as a career. 23% of Canadian workers plan to change jobs in 2014 (17% in 2013), while on 18% say they are dissatisfied with their job (15% in 2013). Over half are satisfied (57%) with their current jobs. Take a look at what other findings my give further insight into job satisfaction of the Canadian workforce.

  • Satisfied Canadians . . .

. . . like their coworkers - 80%
. . . like their benefits -62%
. . . like their work-lift balance – 58%
. . . like their boss – 54%
. . . feel valued – 48%
. . . like their salary - 42%

  • Dissatisfied Canadians . . .

. . . don’t feel valued -61%
. . . don’t like their salary -56%
. . . don’t like their boss -43%
. . . don’t like the inability to make a difference -33%
. . . don’t like the inability to make a difference -33%
. . . don’t like the lack of training/learning opportunities -31%
. . . don’t like the work-life balance -27%
. . . don’t feel challenge -26%

Relocation on the Rise

This spring Atlas Van Lines released its 47th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey. Overall, 41% of firm’s state relocation increased in 2013 nationally, & 37% say international relocation increase. Additionally, employee “reluctance” to relocate continues to fall (13% in 2013). Here are some additional findings:

  • 46% of companies state that the growth of the company had the most significant impact on the number of employee relocations in 2013. For the first time in seven years, it inches ahead of all other internal and external factors as the top reason for relocations last year.
  • 52% of firms saw employees decline relocation The Midwest (35%) remains the most popular destination within the U.S., but the South (30%) and Northeast (28%) are not far behind. Within a single country, U.S. ranks third (18%) behind Western Europe (22%) and Asia (27%) for the most relocations in 2013.
  • More than half of all relocations last year were new hires (57%).
  • Employees age 36-40 remain the most frequently relocated salaried employee (38%).
  • The top two items companies reimburse transferees and new hires for include packing all items (70%) and moving an automobile (64%).

Communication a strong determinant of Employee Trust

Lee Hecht Harrison, an International Talent Consulting Firm, polled over 800 U.S. workers to ask one very important questions "What is the most important leadership quality for building a trusting relationship with your manager?" The results are in and communication was the quality of choice. . . .

Communication: 52%
Respect: 31%
Competence: 11%
Empathy: 6%

Kristen Leverone, a senior VP for Lee Hecht Harrison had this to say about the ability to build trust "This ability comes from conveying honesty, authenticity and clarity in verbal and written communications, as well as demonstrating respect and empathy in personal interactions."

June is National Employee Wellness Month

Employee Wellness Month is here, but what is this month all about. This month focuses on your wellness, your coworker’s wellness, & the wellness of your overall organization. We often think of wellness with a focus on health and medical. This would be accurate, however, the idea of wellness is so much more than the physical aspects of individual wellness.

  • Wellness: the quality or state of being health; the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal <lifestyles that promote wellness> (Websters Dictionary, 2014)

This month we encourage education, celebration, and engagement of all things Employee Wellness. The best way to do this is to engage or develop your own Employee Wellness program.

  • Workplace Health Programs: refer to a coordinated and comprehensive set of strategies which include programs, policies, benefits, environmental supports, and links to the surrounding community designed to meet the health and safety needs of all employees. (CDC, 2014)

To plan the most effective program for your organization, you’ll need to take inventory of areas of need and opportunity. Think of this step as taking a snap shot or painting a picture of factors that may impact the health of workers and the work environment.

  • Be sure to address the four levels of influence . . .


  • Consider these 5 avenues . . .

Site Visits
Employee Surveys
A review of health benefits
A review of healthcare claims
A review of time and attendance

  • A few questions to get you started . . . .

What are the key health issues affecting employees?
What factors at the worksite influence employee health?
What are the employees' health and safety concerns?
What strategies are most appropriate to address these health issues?

Employee Wellness Month Highlights . . . Last year’s Employee Wellness Month brought 175 Companies & 70,000 employees across the country came together competing, pushing themselves and their workplace towards continued health & wellness. Virgin Pulse, formerly Virgin Health Miles, emerged as a dynamic partner and leader in engaging employees and their workplaces in workplace wellness activities & initiatives. Learn more about how Richard Branson now plans to impact the way we view health in the workplace in this video.

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