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Employees fired for posting video of topless woman destroying McDonalds

A topless woman wreaked havoc on a Florida McDonalds last month and the video has recently gone viral. The employees who posted the video have been fired, according to an April 10 NBC news affiliate report.

A topless woman destroys Florida McDonalds
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Sandra Suarez, 41, was videotaped flipping out at a Pinellas Park fast food restaurant. She was wearing only tiny black thong bikini bottoms. She was completely topless.

This video features commentary from some of the restaurant’s employees as they watch the footage. Please note the video is not safe for work as it contains nudity and foul language.

The employees laugh in amazement as the woman bangs trays, throws food on the floor, pushes cash registers to the floor and tries to tip over a refrigerator. The workers giggle at the shocked faces of their co-workers. One compares the woman to a zombie, says “look at her fat a@!” and declares the nearly naked lady to be her “new role model.”

The video was captured by an employee on duty. An employee is seen with phone in hand during the chaos, presumably calling for help.

The woman calms down enough to make herself an ice cream cone (after first squirting it right from the machine into herself) and eat some fries.

The topless woman was arrested for going crazy at McDonalds on charges of criminal mischief and resisting an officer with violence. She attempted to grab a police officer’s crotch during the arrest. She also offered sexual favors to the restaurant’s manager during the incident.

Suarez was found to not be under the influence of drug or alcohol. She claims she was having a bi-polar episode and doesn’t remember anything.

The arrest occurred on March 25 and Suarez was released on March 29.

What would you have done if you were inside the McDonald’s when this happened? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen occur in public?

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