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Employee retention perspectives: Would you date your job?

Job fit is a great concern of managers as payrolls have tightened and there is little relief expected in the future. With downsizing and rightsizing many employees have been shifted into a new role for which demand not been properly trained or have the interpersonal skills.

Would you date your job?
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An unconventional survey by Taleo Research took an interesting perspective concerning job fit and satisfaction. Respondents were asked to consider their job was a human and then state their feelings toward their job. Given that scenario:

  • · 33% said they like their job seriously enough to date it.
  • · 9% percent felt so strongly about their job that they would propose marriage.
  • · 5% percent claim they would break up immediately.

These are strong indicators of one’s job fit. When an employee is in the right job for their personality, motivational stimulators, and personal interests they absolutely fall in love with the position and ultimately increase their personal productivity and the quality of their work.

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