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Employee retention perspectives: Creating motivation

Call it motivation energy or call it motivational attachment. Regardless of the term used, a lack of motivation is one of the five primary reasons an employee fails.

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Employee retention perspectives: Creating motivation,
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Motivation can be lacking in several aspects. It could be the employee or a group of employees are not engaged to the vision and mission of their department or company. Perhaps the lack of apparent motivation is because the employee is in the wrong job. Perhaps it is only because the supervisor has not found a way to tap into the individual’s motivational factors. Other times motivation lacks because of pay and benefits, the lack of connection to the supervisor, or disputes and issues with co-workers.

Every individual has different motivational factors. To some motivation comes from knowing their work is appreciated. Others are motivated by challenging goals. To many, it is being part of a successful team while some are motivated knowing their work is improving society or the environment. Still others find their motivation in their pay. This last group can be a problem given the tight budgets of Michigan employers during the current recession. However the first two are easy – and low cost – to provide.

Appreciation is shown best verbally. Complimenting someone with specific details on a timely basis is the easiest way to let them know their efforts are valued. Mentioning them for a specific accomplishment at a staff meeting, on a poster on the bulletin board, or in the company newsletter gives a great boost to those motivated by appreciation.

Setting challenging, but attainable, goals is also low-cost. It is something every employer should do anyway. Let the employee be part of the goal setting process to get their buy-in. the only commitment here is time, but remember the old adage – you get what you measure.

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