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Employee Motivation: Who’s Got It Better Than Us?

Best of everything to you
wb Kille

Let’s do hard things today – Because who’s got it better than us?

2014 is half over ... 2013 was for many of us, a very challenging year. For that matter go back to 2009 and proceeding forward until today – what do you see? Were you in business in 2009? (You’re reading this so that’s a good sign.)

You’ve done the hard things. Success does not come easy so you’re doing the right things for the right reasons.
Those I meet with regularly share a common trait – they are “in the service of their fellow man.” Everything they do is predicated upon serving their client’s needs. Surveys, questionnaires, personal interviews, etc – all probe the needs and wishes of their clients. Then, systematically delivering “World Class” service, followed up with a call or note asking, “How’s it working?”

- "The positive employee motivation created by the owner, cascaded throughout the company and the results were amazing – all during the worst recession we’ve ever seen."

Leaving nothing to chance, these successful business owners share that information with ALL their employees, staff, and managers. Because these successful business owners know they have 2 clients; the external clients and the internal clients. This subtle difference makes all the difference – keeping their employees up to date on activities within the company. Gifts and recognition publicly displayed, builds employee motivation, loyalty, deepens relationships, and works better than incremental pay raises.
One owner would ask his executive team in the weekly staff meeting, “Who’s got it better than us?” In unison the reply was always the same, “No One!” Each of these team members would likewise, ask their departments in similar meetings, “Who’s got it better than us?” reply, “No One!” And so it was throughout the company … and they truly believed it, no one had it better than they did and the enthusiasm was contagious, and sales were up, turn-over was lower, morale was high and profits were higher.
The positive employee motivation created by the owner cascaded throughout the company and the results were amazing – all during the worst recession we’ve ever seen.

Can this be accomplished within your business? I’m certain it can! We share with all our clients a powerful concept; People are hired, because of their Knowledge and Skills … they are let go because of their Attitudes and Habits. Here at Rezults Group we offer processes that enhance Attitudes and Habits (the soft skills) and results are measurable.

2014 can be a “break-out” year for your company; develop habits and attitudes within your organization that yield better results; maintain current strengths; focus on “serving your fellow man,” and I promise you the results will come.

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