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Employee Appreciation Day at John C. Lincoln Hospital

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Good Day Readers! It was Employee Appreciation Day at John C. Lincoln Hospital North Mountain. Generally held the first Friday in March, Employee Appreciation Day is a unique opportunity to recognize your employees’ hard work. It could even be the centerpiece of your employee recognition program. But employee appreciation can be celebrated and honored when the time and the day is right. The time and the day was right Wednesday, April 2nd at the Hospital and appreciation was in the air. The day was perfect as far as the weather would allow with slight winds and not a lot of heat. The event was a cook out for all employees free for them to come and enjoy burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, garden burgers, chips, beverages and all the condiments to go with...

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John C. Lincoln Hospital has been up and serving the public since the early 1900's and has since undergone expansion and change, upgrade and recognition. Recognition on this day goes to all current employees who come together daily to make their hospital services stand out among the best and brightest. Appreciation extends to the Food Service Director and his staff for putting together a heartfelt thank you. It was a good day for all and for all a good day. By the way, March 7, 2014 was this year National Employee Appreciation Day, and generally the first Friday of March. It is an annual day that aims to draw attention to honoring employees for their contributions to the success of the organization.

W. Vance Eaglin