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Employee. 5 quick and easy actions to boost your engagement

This week we look at propelling your own engagement to greater levels. We focused first on using questions, then on affirmations.

This posting puts you to action. Simple, effective actions. I encourage you to give one, two...even all of them a try.

  • Learn something about one of your customers or clients. How can you use this information?
  • Talk to an associate about their work, their job. What engagement do you see and hear?
  • Select and apply one simple improvement in how you do some part of your work? What results do you notice from the change?
  • Analyze your time at work. Construct a pie chart for 5 different days, showing the major segments of your work. What conclusions can you draw?
  • Decide what you enjoy about a specific part of your work. Can you transfer that enjoyment to parts you less enjoy?

Then I suggest you engage in some reflection after you carry out these actions. What difference have they made in your personal engagement?


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