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Empaths seeking equilibrium: Maintain your resolve, keys to deeper understanding

Empaths in the world
Empaths in the world
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When we receive a teaching; be it directly from God, Mother Nature, the experiences of life, our relationships, a book, or wherever we may come upon such a teaching; there is one thing that is for certain: so long as we devote ourselves with a one-pointed focus to our goal (The Supreme Goal), the universe will rush in to provide us with a taste of the vibration that we are seeking to embody.

Actual embodiment of the vibration that such tools can serve in awakening, the kind that does not waiver, can take a second or it can take eons, it matters not. What matters is our chosen focal point along the way.

As they say “this roadside oasis is not your final destination.” Our service is to keep practicing, to go ever deeper.

To develop even-mindedness, is to remember to always look at and with the Light that sources beyond the form. Mind, when wrapped up in the fetters of ego, teems with personal likes and dislikes, both on the physical and energetic levels of experiencing. This can serve in creating a living hell for those who feel our Oneness, and are in an active process of training the mind and body to move in accordance with this deep internal knowing.

Keep in mind that there are imaginal and intellectual realms with regard to this truth, and there is actual realization.

“Ignorance is the mis-identification of the Spirit with the earthly.”

Souls who are attuned to our Oneness, have experienced complete stillness of mind and body. They know what is possible, for they have experienced it. They have realized that they are not the mind. They have realized that they are not the body.

If this is you, your focus is or is about to be engrossed in the practice of further dis-identification of self (ego) from mind, so that the mind may be freed up ever more to act in accordance with its true nature as you traverse this earthly realm.

This practice is about freeing self to abide in Self. This is about keeping our focus always in God, and actively teaching ourselves to walk in accordance with the truth that in each person abides a spark of the Divine, and that behind each experience is God.

We are, each one of us, children of God. When we can look with equanimity upon a shooter and a saint, whilst feeling their current state of awareness, no matter what it is, we have understood this truth.

Until then, buckle up and get ready to ride the wave.

Our service, well part of it, is to keep bringing that energetic dislike/like, you know, the one that is colored by lower mind, yes, that one, inward and upward. Set your intention to bring this energy up the spine.

The shooter is just as much God, as You Are.

Another gift that we share is in holding the space of love for these souls, who are all in all, no different than “you” or “me,” in that they are simply here learning and experiencing.

As we learn to consciously direct the energy up our spines and to practice bringing our focus to the 6th chakra as we are feeling others, we are serving humanity, As One. This is an ancient spiritual practice, and it is about focusing on the Light that is beyond the form, rather than on the form itself. Teach yourself to feel, act and move in Soul, this as opposed to moving from the place of your thoughts or feelings around the form as created by ego (mind as it has acclimated to experience).

PRACTICE: As you inhale, draw any energy of dislike/like that you are feeling upward in the spine to the 6th chakra. Exhale, allowing the dislike/like to melt in what IS. Do this a few times. As you find yourself feeling more at ease, begin chanting "Aum" aloud while keeping your focus at the center between the brows. See/feel the 3rd eye lighting up as the energy moves up the spine. Do this a few times, or as long as you feel right. Attune to the energy as this chakra is activated. Finally, cease chanting, in silence, allowing the mind and body to rest in the silence and fullness that this sound has served in creating. Keep on with this practice, until the mind lets go of that dislike/like and is left to rest in the undeniable truth that is the energetic neutrality behind all experience. Mind serves to color and shape our experiences. We can free our mind in the One Mind thus enabling ourselves a broader vision of life, living, and creation than was previously fathomable.

“Mind is the medium through which we create in form."

There will be times when this practice will feel easier than others. This is especially true with regard to whatever our personal likes and dislikes are, i.e., what we have personally walked through in our own lives this go round. Such feelings are jewels of opportunity that will serve in teaching us to abide ever more fully in the knowing that is of our Soul.

The mind can be what stands in the way of experiencing the true nature of Reality, or it can be what serves as a silent witness and co-creator in All That Is.

We continue to expand in All That Is. We are ever-expansive beings. We are learning about the nature of mind and of the states that are beyond mind. We are learning of the blessing of body, the house of Spirit. We are learning about our Oneness, and learning to love whilst feeling our Oneness. Treat thy brother as thyself has become, Thy brother is Thyself.

Note to empaths: During the more intense phases of learning you will be attuning to many energies. You will want to choose friends who themselves have very positive energy, healthy mental habits, and a strong spiritual practice that is already in tact. Know Thyself. Consider it a training period and give yourself permission to honor your own space.

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