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Emotions, why do men seem to hide them

Have you ever wondered why men seem to lack emotion? Just when you think you might be falling in love and you might have found "the one" he up and disappears on you. So what happened?

Well honestly, this is actually their way of dealing or should I say NOT dealing with emotions. Men are told when they are little to keep their emotions locked away. They are told "boys don't cry", they are told time and time again not to show emotions. So why do women expect them to act any different when they grow up? It's basically engrained in their DNA.

Expecting a man to be like a woman in unrealistic. Men will not sit and share their feelings with you, they will show their emotions in different ways. If you have not read Gary Chapman's book "Love Languages" read it as soon as you can. It truly explains how men show emotions in various ways.

A good way to keep the guy around is to NOT expect him to "share his feelings", just let him work through things, don't chase after him, don't call him non stop. Allow him to figure things out. A man must trust you with his emotions before he can reveal them to you. That may take time. My fiance' did not tell me "I love you" for exactly one year and 15 days. I nearly broke it off several times because of this. What I didn't realize is that pushing him to say something he was afraid to say could have made him run.

When you allow a relationship to evolve naturally and not to force things or push things then it turns out you will have a stronger, better, longer lasting relationship. Try backing off next time you feel like chasing after him, or picking up the phone and calling him. You will be surprised at the results.

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