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Emotions are not evolved

In my past writings, I have written about a lot characteristics that could not be evolved from nothing. In past articles I mention how you could not have morality and a conscience evolve from nothing. It is true, you cannot pass on any traits if that trait did not exist. Character traits would have been instilled in a single cell by some other greater intelligence, if you follow the evolutionist ideals. But according to evolutionists, there was no greater intelligence, let alone a god.

If you are a person who know and understand animals, you know that animals can show a variety of emotions and behavior. They show joy, anger, love, and patience. These are not traits that one single cell can develop and expand on. These are not traits that did not exist one day, and gradually came on the scene after millions of years. No, evolutionists can not explain where these traits could possibly come from, neither can they explain away these traits across species lines. To have emotions evolved, that single little cell would have to be designed to have emotions, and it would have to be able to design descendant cells to have emotions. A single cell can not experiment on itself, cannot surgically alter itself, and it cannot think itself into any kind of change. All a cell can do is exist.

God has designed this world to interact with Himself as well as with other members of the world. Without this interaction the cell is just another piece of moist dust. The Bible specifically and carefully recorded how this world came into being through an intelligent, creative being we know as God. And to let you in on a little secret, the angels were created way before the universe was created. Angels, who were created with emotions, personality, and the ability to think. Angels did not come into being from a soup solution or a single cell. Angels, like man, were created by God. As I mentioned before in another writing, if evolutionists believed in God, they would say God created the cell, and altered the cell as the cell "evolved".

Emotions cannot be evolved. They are a part of the Creator that was breathed into man as He breathed life into man. So, when you talk to an evolutionist, don't get sucked into their way of thinking. To an evolutionist, science is their god, and science is absolute. But I know better, because I know how I came into being, and I know God.

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