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Emotional Intelligence contributes to workplace effectiveness, studies report

Emotional intelligence is a contributor to workplace effectiveness,, an internet career development newsletter, reports. Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to recognize the wants and needs of others and to repond appropriately. It is a necessary ingredient for building trust, creating a sense of identity, and solving problems.

When emotionally intelligent people work together, they are able to put aside minor differences in order to focus on their company's interests. They can deal effectively with conflict and are able to grow from disagreements that may arise.

Research shows that emotional intelligence produces corporate benefits. A Leadership Quarterly study shows that people who possess high emotional intelligence are more productive and contribute more to a company's financial growth.

In addition, when people possessing high emotional intelligence work together, companies succeed. Studies show that emotional intelligence corresponds favorably with team cohesiveness. A Human Resources Management Review study confirms that people with high emotional intelligence exceed company expectations.

Supervisors are able to build optimism within their teams by focusing on their team members' strengths and by thanking their team members for the contributions that they make

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