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Emotional health

What is good emotional health?

Emotional health is a way of being; it allows for empathy and compassion, courage in the face of fear, anger but anger tempered in such a way as to reflect positively on the sender.

Individuals who have emotional health "know" their thoughts and feelings as well as the actions they take. Such a person is considered responsible and open.

Their openness is to their God, a personal openness of their mind, feelings, and soul. They trust God above all, and pray often, knowing he/she needs the Lord in their life.

Healthy emotions are linked to a their physical condition and as well as an appropriate spiritual life.

A healthy individual with a good emotional life recognizes stress and has learned ways to cope. Chances are this person feels good about themselves, and has great relationships.

Some events in life may disrupt that emotional life, such as being fired from a job, or grieving over a loss of a loved one, even a happy event such as their own wedding could set them into a tailspin. And they may develop physical symptoms as well as psychological ones, telling them that something is wrong, that something has triggered an upheaval or disturbance. It may be calling attention to itself so that insight may be sought, or even so the person will get help with emotions.

I will discuss how to have a good emotional life in upcoming articles. Of course much of what I have to say here is peppered with my own wisdom or even opinion. Take what you want, and leave the remainder please.

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