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Emotional eating: just the facts please.

Drop the pounds or extinguish the hype: reality check?
Drop the pounds or extinguish the hype: reality check?
Mary MacIntyre

Life would be easier if emotional eating could be explained with a few facts or tips. Anyone who struggles with food issues knows the complexity involved with eating triggers, emotional ambiguity and physical responses that surround eating. Every person is different. One solution does not fit all.

In Santa Fe NM a google search for weight loss programs quickly lists over 20 programs for weight loss. Even Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage on Cerrillos Road has their weight loss management program. On Wednesday March 7th, Cat Collins will give a lecture on the subject at 6 PM. The manager of the new Vitamin Shoppe by Albertson's on Zafano Dr. says her customers mostly come in with 2 top concerns: energy and weight loss.

Dr Oz feeds the pipeline by reporting on weight loss tips almost weekly. Every health food store in Santa Fe sees high traffic from his suggestions. It is as if media has cranked up the age old billion dollar business on feeding upon human insecurities. Perhaps the eating disorder originates from a love/hate relationship with body image, and society is the mirror of anxiety and distortion. Fat is still a feminist issue.

Low wages, insufficient health insurance, and an unwillingness to choose lifestyle and food changes add to individuals search for the perfect pill or operation. When does someone have time to cook more at home, eliminate excessive stress, see a psychologist, exercise more, and take care of the family?

If the person also suffers from chronic disease, diabetes, or other issues where medications disrupt the body and make the body gain weight, then guilt and frustration increases at least threefold. Talk to your doctors about all the weight gaining attributes of your meds.

No tips in this article. Perhaps in the next article. The world around us is dis-ordered, creating real measurable chaos in your body. Sit down, take a breath, and make a new list about what you want, how you feel, and what can you do about it.


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