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Emojli: when all you can use is emoji


Writers beware: a potential game changer is on its way to make its attempt to alter the toxic environment on social networks which is currently packed with excessive spammers and trolls, the behavior of billions of users, as well as our fate. Writers’ fate.

Sounds terrifying, yes? Actually the threat might not be that serious, but the challenger is real, and its name is Emojli. With a name apparently inspired by emoji, which stands for the ideograms and smileys that have become must-used items in day-to-day communications on social networks, Emojli carries the mission of creating an innovative platform which eliminates the existence of unfriendly words and annoying spams. Since emoji is the only thing available on the platform, no trolls and memes (hashtags included) will be able to haunt it, as explained in the short presentation video on Emojli’s official website. This is of course a gospel for ordinary and innocent users, except the little pet peeve that everyone has to recreate the “words” and “sentences” by deciphering the little icons.

Matt Gray and Tom Scott, the masterminds behind Emojli, state in their video that their project is not a satire, and will “launch very soon”. For now, everyone can visit their official website and reserve a username. The registration is rather quick and simple, except that your username has to be an emoji. This might be a slight problem for PC users who do not have built-in emoji in their computers, but copying and pasting the icons from external websites such as Get Emoji is a solution. So if you are interested (or bored, or both), you can hop over and create a long string of glyphs which best reflects your personality and secure it by registering. Just make sure that you write – oh no, draw, or copy, or whatever that works – your username down and save it, in case it is forgotten.

Whether the Emojli project would become a phenomenal success will only be known until the project is publicly launched. According to the developers’ latest tweet, they aim to have the iOS version launched “by early August”, and Android “soon after”. For now, we can have a first taste of our future format of correspondence through an awesome review of the Westeros by fellow Examiner Candis McLean!