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Emmy Nominees: Best Actor In A Comedy

Look to see him back there
Photo by Kevin Winter

Louie C.K., Louie
His comedy may have flailed a little this season, but he remains one of TV's funniest hyphenates. Admittedly, some of the better moments on this show may have been some of the most painful and intense moments on TV, but he remains nothing less than the funniest metaversion of himself on the air this year.

Johnny Galecki, The Big Bang Theory
I don't know how it's possible for someone on one of the greatest comedies of all time to be undervalued, but for some reason Galecki's slightly more human scientist never gets the respect he deserves from Emmy voters--- he's received just one nomination in the series run. But as Leonard and Penny's relationship began to take on more levels, ending with her finally accepting his proposal, his character became even more warm and funny. He got the girl; he should get a nod.

Matt LeBlanc, Episodes
Each season, Matt seems to become even more despicable, and by extension, more hysterical. He ruined another marriage, tried to get killed off his own show, smeared his parents, and was robbed of another great role by his own arrogance. Only he could do this and remain this funny.

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
At this point, there really doesn't seem to be much more that needs to be said about his comic versatility. But every season, he progresses another level to becoming less an island, and more of a human being. His relationship with Amy advanced, he finally accepted the death of an idol, and he seems closer and closer to achieving parity with Leonard. By the time the series, he may be a real boy. Fortunately, that's still three seasons away.

Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I was never a big fan of this SNL vets overacting before, but he seems to have reached a level of subtlety along with a certain measure of seriousness in this hysterical police set comedy. He demonstrated a fair amount of acting range while moderating his wild eccentricities with sold police procedural. The Golden Globe victory should be enough to put him on the front lines.

Adam Scott, Parks and Recreation
For some reason, Scott's drier, more moderate brand of comedy never seems to get the level of respect it deserves on a show that deals mainly in satire. But as the man who's won fair Leslie's heart, who remains a modest nerd even now, and who is probably the one man who tries to see things seriously in a world of hysterical chaos--- he deserves to be recognized.

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