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Emmy Nominee Reactions: The Comedies

Running out of time, voters
Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Now, the comedies
Best Comedy. The Big Bang Theory deserved to be nominated after completing yet another great seasons. Orange is the New Black may be an uneasy fit in the comedy category, but it's definitely one of the better shows on TV. Louie remains one of the stronger comedies on TV. And Veep continues to demonstrate the angry, acidic comedy it has for the last two years.
But that's the only comedy on HBO that deserves to be nominated. I'm relieved that they didn't nominate Girls, but Silicon Valley is honestly not much of an improvement. And am I the only person in America who thinks Modern Family isn't the work of genius the Emmys says it is. Even fans of the shows admit this was a weaker season. Episodes and Parks & Rec were much stronger series, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine was far better. But I guess not enough people watch for it to rank.
Best Actor, ComedY: Jim Parsons is still a comic genius. Matt LeBlanc continues to demonstrate vast amounts of invention as well... Matt LeBlanc. So does Louie C.K.
But as big a fan as I am of Don Cheadle, I just don't think House of Lies is really a good enough vehicle for him to be considered. William H. Macy is a great actor, and his work on Shameless this season was a lot stronger than before, but this show fits even less well in the Comedy category than orange is the new black. And what is the obsession with Ricky Gervais? Even fans of the comedian think Derek didn't work? Where the hell are Andy Samberg or Johnny Galecki?
Best Actress, Comedy: Amy Poehler can do no wrong, I'm sure of this. Julia Louis-Dreyfus continues to be the funniest politician on TV. Taylor Schilling doesn't get nearly enough credit for her work on Orange is the New Black.
But what is up with the Emmys constant obsession with Lena Dunham? I'm glad they realized Girls wasn't even close to cutting the mustard for this season, but why renominate someone who even the characters on her own show are sick of? And I'm really starting to get sick of the Emmys fascination with Edie Falco. Nurse Jackie was funny once; it's really not any more. And for the love of God, I know Melissa McCarthy is a vibrant comic talent, but Mike & Molly ain't a great use of it by any means? I'd rather see Mindy Kaling here?
Best Supporting Actor, Comedy: Andre Braugher's work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is comedy gold from an unlikely shaft. Tony Hale continues to evoke laughter from the most unlikely of sources. Ty Burrell may be the one constant talent on Modern Family.
But why the hell does Adam Driver, whose character on Girls strikes me as a nightmare, keep getting nominated? And is there some logical reason actors on Modern Family get all the nominations, and Parks & Rec gets none. I'm honestly not sure when Fred Armisen should be considered in this category as he's kind of the lead on Portlandia, but that whole show is just weird.
Best Supporting Actress, Comedy: Mayim Bialik is a comic genius. I've said it so often it's beginning to lose any meaning. I'm a big admirer of Julie Bowen's work, so I can't really object to her being nominated. Kate Mulgrew is absolutely unforgettable on Orange is the New Black (but then, so is almost every woman in the cast). And Allison Janney continues to fascinate in what has been a great year for her.
Let me repeat this to Emmy voters: Saturday Night Live can't compete in the Variety Show for some awards and Best Comedy for others. Your cast members are taking nods that show be going to actresses like Merritt Weyer and Aubrey Plaza. (Anna Chlumsky is good on Veep, but I'm just not sure if she's as good as the rest of the cast. Still, I'm inclined to let this go.

I have now vented. Stay tuned the closer we get to the awards

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