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Emmy Nominee Predictions: Supporting Actor in A Comedy

Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I've known this actor was capable of just about anything for the last twenty years; I just didn't think madcap comedy was something he'd trained or could handle. But even if you're still considering him just the deadpan, those who've seen this series know, he handles it spectacularly. I look forward to him joining the ranks of those who've won in Best Drama and Best Comedy.

Ty Burrell, Modern Family
Even those who rave about this series have to admit this season has been something of a subpar one. But Phil Dunphy continues to reign as one of the more funny talents on an admittedly strong cast that has dominated this category in the past, and probably will for the immediate future.

Tony Hale, Veep
I was a huge admirer of his work as Buster on Arrested Development, and was pleased to see him triumph last season before I got the magnitude of his talent as Selina Meyer's body man. It's a variation of a character Hale has mastered, the low man on the totem pole who never gets any respect for anything. It's just that when Gary screws up, as he did in the last couple of episodes, the world sees it. And we laugh all the harder.

Chris Messina, The Mindy Project
An incredibly gifted dramatic lead (anyone who saw the last two seasons of Damages can testify to that) he has demonstrate an impeccable comic timing while mastering his brusque matter of turning everybody away. Until he fell for Mindy. And broke her heart. And then couldn't get over it. I think he's deserves to get nominated; I just don't why the Broadcast Critics insisted in recognizing him as a lead. He's far more a great star that orbits around the talent that is Mindy Kaling

Ed O'Neill, Modern Family
Always been a huge admirer of his work. Can't understand why, with everybody on the show getting honored by Emmy left and right, he doesn't seem to get any respect. (But what did I expect for Al Bundy?) His work this season was impressive; especially in the finale when he and his son finally came to terms over issues the viewer had hoped were long in the past. If someone from the cast must triumph, I hope it's him.)

Chris Pratt, Parks & Recreation
Every year, I advocate for somebody in the more than ample supporting cast of this brilliantly comic ensemble getting a nomination. Every year they get shut down. I don't know why. I could argue that Andy's characters is one of the funniest on the show, that he has evolved immensely since season 1, but really that's true for all of them. So just consider this another blanket endorsement for the superb ensemble. There's really nothing left to say.

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