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Emmy Nods, Best Supporting Actress, Comedy

Emmy is the new Oscar
Photo by Michael Buckner

Uzo Aduye, Orange is the New Black
I have no idea how to separate the Guest actors from the supporting actresses for this series (God knows the credits are no help). And trying to choose a brilliant choice from this cast is like trying to select a favorite child. But let's be honest: Aduye had us when she expressed her love for Piper by pissing on the floor. There are a lot of good options in this category, and I have no doubt she will the first of many actresses who make Emmy voters: "Crazy".

Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
Really, I have nothing more to add about this brilliant (literally) actress who has made this series one of the most delightful entertainments for the last four seasons. She's deserved to win every seasons she's been nominated; really, dating Sheldon for three years has to merit some prize on its own.

Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory
I know it's been seven years and we've never learns her characters last name, but that's no reason to constantly shaft her for the Emmy nods year after year. Considering that this season she reached some major milestones, including giving up on acting, shifting her career goals, and finally accepting Leonard's marriage proposal, can we at least give her some of the love her character has never gotten?

Allison Janney, Mom
I told you she had a great year. Dabbling in sitcom territory for the first time, she was a load of fun, as a recovering (twice this season) alcoholic great-grandmother (yeah I feel old too, in one of the funniest new series of the seasons. Her triumph at the TV critics award almost assures a nomination this time out

Kate Mulgrew, Orange is the New Black
One of the few woman on the series, we can list as a supporting actress, her dynamite portrayal as Red, the Russian chef maneuvering the black market at Litchfield. One of the powerful women in the prison--- until it was memorably taken from her during the final episodes of the first season--- nothing this veteran actress has ever done quite prepares you for her work on this series.

Merritt Weyer, Nurse Jackie
Winning last year and delivering one of the shortest (but still most memorable) speeches in Emmy history will probably help her get her third consecutive nomination for Nurse Jackie. Seeing the final two episodes, where she finally realized the lies and manipulation Jackie has pulled all year, and calling her on it--- almost guarantees she'll win her second year in a row. Here's hoping she has more to say.

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