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Emma Watson's jealousy revealed: Worries her rites of passage will be stolen

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Emma Watson is jealous of other actresses and explains how something Liz Taylor once said had hit her hard. Watson said that Taylor's thoughts made her realize that if she is not careful she too would experience something that the iconic actress found rather sad, according to UPI on March, 17.

Taylor said how she experienced her first kiss in character on the screen and Watson thought how awful that must be. She doesn’t want her first experiences with anything to happen to her while she is in character.

Watson said after she read what Taylor had said she decided she had to be careful. She thought at the time that she doesn’t want to experience her first kiss as someone else, in clothes that are not her own. She went on to say that her experiences could all belong to someone else if she is not careful. All the things a teen experiences can easily be done in a movie before she actually experiences her rites of passage in real life.

You have to admit this is some deep thinking for the “Harry Potter” child star who has transitioned into adult roles in what seems like a seamless transaction. She envies the ladies of the silver screen who have had all their firsts and lived in their own skin before doing everything in character. This is where the jealous factor comes in, Watson explained in her new interview with Elle Magazine.

Watson is in the blockbuster “Noah,” the much anticipated biblical tale.