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Emma Watson's fashion evolution

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Emma Watson is most well known for her role in the epic “Harry Potter” franchise. However, it seems the young star is also carving out a niche as a daring fashion rebel. According to a March 20 report by E! Online, the starlet has had an interesting evolution in fashion sense over the years.

The story starts by remarking about how she would historically wear dainty dresses with light colors. However, in recent months, the starlet has been seen wearing risque outfits that are made with bright colors. This marks a radical change in her sense of style, and may indicate the sexy young star is interested in changing her wholesome public image.

Additionally, Emma Watson has started to wear outfits that are far more revealing of her body. While backless dress are among her most common style of outfit, the starlet has started wearing far more sexy outfits. In addition to revealing her cleavage, Emma Watson has taken to wearing form fitting pants that reveal her curves.