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Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield help charities by using paparazzi; fans love idea

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield approach to paparazzi gets fans approval
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield might be big movie stars, but the two have their hearts in the right place. As Hollywood celebrities get followed around almost unmercifully by the paparazzi, the couple has been using the camera time to make a statement for charity. According to US Magazine on Wednesday, the couple has been redirecting attention away from themselves and toward worthy causes.

Placing white sheets of paper over part of their face, the stars have written a list of organizations that need more attention than they do, especially if all the couple is doing is walking the street. Offering up website addresses and giving people a reason to offer help elsewhere, Emma and Andrew are taking an entirely different tactic to the paparazzi and it has created quite a buzz.

Waging this charity war has impressed the fans immensely. On social media the fans are actually looking up the different organizations and commenting on the issues that the two stars are bringing to their attention. Finding that the idea of helping others is easier, especially when there is a place suggested, people are getting involved.

The charities that the two stars have offered up to check out include autism, young mentoring, children without parents and folks fighting cancer. These real issues do cover a number of individuals and the idea that others could help is definitely a possibility.

The continuous scrutiny of the paparazzi and their antics isn't anything new, but Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield might have beaten the camera guys at their own game. Following stars around and disrupting their lives has been a huge issue in Hollywood. Now that the pictures can’t be sold without giving some credit to other organizations and require an explanation on why there isn’t just two stars holding hands.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield might have drawn more attention to themselves by this noble ide. They definitely have pointed out a concept that fans approve of and in the process have helped others.

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