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Emma Dumont shares her perspective on Lifetime's original movie 'Thinspiration'

Emma Dumont co-stars in the Lifetime original movie 'Thinspiration,' airing as 'Starving In Suburbia' ths Saturday at 8 PM ET/PT.
Emma Dumont co-stars in the Lifetime original movie 'Thinspiration,' airing as 'Starving In Suburbia' ths Saturday at 8 PM ET/PT.
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Our look inside the Lifetime original movie Thinspiration continues with Emma Dumont, who plays Kayden, best friend to Hannah (Laura Slade Wiggins). Oh, and she also happens to compete in robotics, train in ballet, and she's learning the piano. BFTV talked with the amazing Emma to ask her about her perspective on the movie's very serious subject matter and favorite accomplishments over an already interesting career.

As a young woman, Emma is right in the age group that Thinspiration is about, and so she learned from the film as she was starring in it. "The script definitely gave me a different perspective on eating disorders in general. It really opens it up," she told us. "And the film can be really dark at times. But that's the world of eating disorders. It's dark and it's dirty. It definitely did change my perspective."

What is she hoping that audiences learn when they get to see the movie? "It's definitely just to be more aware of people and their personal struggles, whether that be with an eating disorder or their home life or whatever their struggle is," she continued. "My character [Kayden] is the best friend of a girl who has an unfortunate eating disorder, and she gets kind of sucked into that world and she doesn't know what's going on. You have to be aware and treat everybody's situation with care."

Emma has also worked in the modeling world, where appearance is obviously a huge component, so we asked her if body image is still a serious issue. "In dance and modeling, it's not as a big deal as it used to be," she told us. "I think it used to be for sure. [But] I think now, there's so much awareness. My agents will always tell me, 'You need to be this size but do it healthy.' During Fashion Week in Milan, you have to actually get weighed. You have to have a certain BMI [body mass lndex] to even walk the shows. They don't want anyone passing out."

If Emma looks familiar to you, it's because she's already established herself on television. "I was on a TV show about dancers for two and a half seasons called Bunheads on ABC Family, and that was really fun for me, because I'm a dancer in a real life," she told us. "I did an episode of a show called Mind Games, which is no longer on the air, and it was an intellectual comedy-drama. It was just really smart TV."

'Really smart' could also describe Emma, who is an actual member of MENSA with plenty of other talents outside of acting. "I'm training in ballet intensively. My team were finalists at a big robotics competition here in Los Angeles," she explained. "I just got back from Dallas filming an NBC pilot called Salvation with Ashley Judd. And I'm learning piano. I definitely am the sort of person that likes to be constantly learning things."

She's even traveled the world. "I danced at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy this [past] summer. At the end of my trip there, they offered me a contract to come study at the school year-round," she continued. "That was a pretty amazing experience!"

While she's gotten to do a lot of amazing things in her life - from dancing to robotics to even roller derby - and her strong work ethic and sparkling personality make her a great role model for young women everywhere, Emma particularly looks back fondly on being a part of Thinspiration. She told us, "I'm really proud of the message that it has and how honest it is." And she has a lot to be proud of herself.

Thinspiration, aka Starving In Suburbia, airs this Saturday, April 26 at 8 PM ET/PT on Lifetime (check your local listings for specific channel). For more on Emma, follow her on Twitter (@EmmaDumont0).

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