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Emissions testing returns to Larimer County

Emissions standards will curb air pollution.
Emissions standards will curb air pollution.

The entire life cycle of the automobile, from manufacturing to disposal, is a dirty business.

Motor vehicles cause both primary and secondary pollution. Primary pollution is emitted directly into the atmosphere; secondary pollution results from chemical reactions between pollutants in the atmosphere, and both are a major cause of greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere, which has been linked to accelerated climate change.

In an effort to reduce air pollution and control ground-level ozone, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission decided last week to expand mandatory vehicle emissions testing to Larimer and Weld counties later this year.

According to the Northern Colorado Business Report, the ruling means that after Nov. 1, cars and trucks owned by residents of the most populous portion of the two counties - including Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Greeley - would have to pass the emissions test. The testing is expected to cost about $25 every two years, plus any required repairs up to $800.

The state Legislature mandated the expansion of the program into Northern Colorado after the federal Environmental Protection Agency found parts of the Front Range not in compliance with its ozone standards.