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Eminem vs Busta Rhymes: Fight!!!

Eminem Raps
Eminem Raps
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Now this is the kind of story fans of Hip-Hop love to hear. When Busta Rhymes asked Eminem to do a verse on his newest track, 'Calm Down,' Mr. Rhymes got more rhymes then he bargained for. Mr. Rhymes told MTV News, "“Originally, the song was like three minutes and eight seconds. I had two 16-bar verses on it and the hook that’s there." Then he sent the track to Eminem and the song became an epic.

Mr. Rhymes adds,“Eminem’s verse comes on and it’s like 42 bars.” This of course sparked the competitive nature of the rap legend and Mr. Rhymes add to get back to work. “You’re not just gonna mop the floor with me on my record.” Mr. Rhymes continues, “I didn’t expect any less because that’s what Em does, but that’s what people know Busta Rhymes for doing.” Mr. Rhymes then went back to work in the lab and wrote something that he felt was on par with what Eminem had done; is is when the fun truly began.

Eminem then heard Mr. Rhymes' verse and decided he needed to re-do his verse. The back and forth continued until both parties threw up the white flag and released the song as a near 6 minutes of intense, intricate lyricism. It is these kinds of competitions where a compromise is not necessary, as it becomes a win-win-win, for all of the parties involved.

If you are interested checking out 'Calm Down,' feel free to do so at this link...