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Eminem to induct 'Kings of Rock' into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


“It's not a Trick or Treat and it's not an April Fool” when metro-Detroit's native son, Eminem, steps up to the podium April 4th to present veteran rappers RUN-D.M.C with the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at the museum in Cleveland, OH. As a premiere foundation, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has become an influential force in the music industry as its ceremony and tribute has become the most sought after distinction over the last twenty years. Even the honoree, RUN-D.M.C, had declared that they were the Kings of Rock twenty four years ago when they released the LP, King of Rock on Arista back in 1985.

Growing up back in the ‘80s was great stuff. RUN-D.M.C released their self-titled debut in 1984, the Detroit Tigers had won the World Series…”Bless you boys!”, and the Giant Slide was almost the greatest thing to the last ferryboat ride of the night from Boblo Island. The industry--never mind the country or the world, had no idea how these cats from Hollis, Queens, New York would take the music industry, fashion and culture by storm and elevate rapping to beats at the neighborhood block parties to rocking shows on Saturday Night Live, American Bandstand, or sold-out concerts at arenas across the globe.

Who knew that Walk this Way, would be the tie that binded rap and rock? Or that the 1975 hit would be the breath of life for both Aerosmith’s comeback while introducing RUN-D.M.C into the cross-over realm into rock star status? Who knew? The movement was in full effect and Russell Simmons must have known. He’s the Godfather as one of the most respected Hip Hop figures in the game. He helped put his lil bro Run, aka Joseph Simmons, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, and Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell on 12” wax and hit the streets with the single, “It’s Like That” back in 1983 and never looked back. Now we all can look back at their respectable career on induction night because it will be official: RUN-D.M.C are the Kings of Rock.

Call them “Sire”.