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Eminem apologizes to mom Debbie Mathers in video released Mother's Day

In on of the most touching Eminem songs to date, Marshall Mathers finally apologizes to his mom. The music video for "Headlights ft. Nate Ruess" contains a heartfelt apology and if you can watch the video without tearing up or at least feeling that pull at your heart strings, then your heart might be stone. Known for song after song talking about what a horrible mother and childhood he had, it looks like Eminem did some growing up and on Sunday the music video was released according to Hollywood Life.

"Headlights" was directed by Spike Lee and shot in Eminem's hometown of Detroit. The video chronicles Eminem's well-document struggles with his mother. Four minutes and ten seconds of expertly crafted music video features pictures of a young Marshall Mathers and reminds us that his life wasn't perfect. The backdrop of cigarette butts and grimy sinks full of dishes illustrate what Eminem went through and how he became who he is.

The lyrics of "Headlights" tell a story as many Eminem songs do. "Maybe we took this too far" in the hook is a great example. Eminem raps about how he and his mother are still estranged and he hates it. Then in a moment of pure inspiration, Eminem reminds us that he has a father and asks where he was in all of this.

Eminem seeks therapy through his music. It's obvious that when something bothers him, he has to get it out and he does it so well that he tops charts with songs that are deeply meaningful. Much like he did with "Cleanin' Out My Closet" which ws released in 2002. He lyrically tore his mother apart. Now in the lyrics for "Headlights" Eminem says he cringes when that song comes on the radio.

"Headlights" might be the most important song Eminem has ever released. A master at putting his feelings down on paper and connecting with millions, this song is sure to be a hit. Will it bring Marshall Mathers closer to his mother? It has been reported that Debbie Mathers is completely open to a reunion. Let's hope the song serves it's purpose so mother and son can repair their very broken relationship.

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