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Emily's Donuts and Cafe

I have said for so many years that Williamsburg has been 'missing' a little something when it comes to food. Yes there is a enormous selection of chain restaurants and fast food joints on Richmond Road and an extremely small selection of 'mom and pop' type places. Williamsburg has been in need of one of those warm, family places that deserves to be on a Food Network Show- like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Alas, this wonderful town has revealed its most promising candidate yet!

Emily's Donuts and Cafe is a small and cozy family business located off of Merimac Trail, just a few steps past WaWa. A co-worker of mine raved about these donuts. Her son had ordered some for his workers who were fixing things around the house and she happened to enjoy herself one, or two. By the way she described these donuts, I just knew I had to make my way there ASAP.

Thursday, around 3:00 pm, I drove my son and I down 199 towards the 143 exit to Merimac Trail. I was so anxious to get to these donuts, true fat girl loves cake status. I pulled up to the cafe and immediately took note as to how nicely renovated it was. Compared to the other shops around it AND to how this small, run down building used to look like, these owners have put in work. The building is a beautiful, warm color that is very inviting and friendly. The windows are big and not covered with curtains or nonsense signs/displays.

As you walk in, you immediately are greeted with friendly faces and the infectious smell of donut batter being freshly made in the back. Shortly after that your eyes are drawn to the counter where dozens of donuts are displayed behind a glass counter. From glazed, to filled, Boston Creme, Fritters, Lemon glazed, Cinnamon Apple- I was dazed, mesmerized. My son on the other hand was overjoyed and could not believe there were so many sprinkles to choose from.

The prices are displayed on a chalkboard sign hanging up behind the counter. I ordered 4 donuts and 1 fritter which came to $6 and some change. I had a variety of donuts as well; chocolate covered, sprinkled and filled.

These donuts are quite possibly kissed by angels. Each and every single one. They were absolutely delicious. AND HUGE. Not small, dinky sized ones you get form Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme. These were handmade, fluffy, cakey, enormous donuts. If I hadn't been in such a rush to eat them, I would have remembered to take pictures.

The Boston Creme donut was heaven. Super creamy custard, and the chocolate icing was definitely one of a kind. The Raspberry filled Powdered Donut was sweet and moist. Just enough filling in both and amazing texture.

My son devoured his sprinkle donut, leaving his mouth covered in them. And his father loved the fritter. Very cinnamon, sugary, and filling.

These donuts are made with so much care and you can tell this family is incredibly proud to serve them to the community. I am so convinced that this place is going to go far. These one-of-a-kind donuts can never be replicated. They are mouth-watering and will surely bring a smile to every sweets lover.

The family story behind this place makes it that much more special. You can read about it here.

Emily's Donuts and Cafe also serves sweet pies, savory pies, coffee and other beverages!

Please check them out and support your local business!

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