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Emily Rose enjoys breaking bad in new season of 'Haven'

Emily Rose plays Audrey Parker on "Haven," who has returned this season as her alter ego Mara.
Emily Rose plays Audrey Parker on "Haven," who has returned this season as her alter ego Mara.
Photo courtesy of Syfy

Over the last couple of seasons of “Haven,” star Emily Rose has lived an actor’s dream: getting to play multiple personalities in her role as Audrey Parker, who has lived a few other lives that are coming back to haunt her, and take over her physical body. This season Haven’s resident heroine is battling her darkest persona, Mara, and Rose talked about the joys of breaking bad in a media conference call Thursday,

“Mara is a lot of fun and … you know, something I never expected would be the case with ‘Haven,’ but it has definitely turned out to be true,” said Rose. “It's just the ability to play so many different characters.”

Haven” is based on the Stephen King story “The Colorado Kid,” and centers on the sleepy Maine town of Haven, which happens to a sanctuary for a large number of residents plagued with something they refer to as “the troubles.” Each resident affected has a unique “trouble” that manifests in different ways, such as creating tornadoes when they become angry or not being to feel physical sensations. One character even has to wear a bulletproof vest at all times because any shot fired will redirect and hit him in the heart.

As you can see, this is a town with some serious troubles. And last season, Audrey had a case of amnesia and thought she was Lexie, a party-girl bartender who was a little rougher than the polished Audrey, but not bad. This season’s Mara incarnation has definitely chosen the dark side, and is terrorizing her friends and Nathan and threatening to unleash bigger and greater troubles on the world.

“Her personality is a blast even though there are definitely moments in this season that I really -- she made me really uncomfortable and I didn't like playing her at some point. For the most part I do really enjoy being that evil and bad -- so I don't know what that says about me.

“But … it really was fun and I do hope to get to play her for a long time and we don't know if Audrey comes back, do we? We don't know how and when and if she does come back...”

If you haven't seen the show before, you're missing out on a great mix of fun and supernatural elements, but the good news is you can catch up on Netflix if you hurry. “Haven” returns to Syfy Thursday (its new time slot) September 11 at 10 p.m. ET.

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