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Emily Maynard rocks 4 non-traditional engagement rings

Emily Maynard is engaged to Tyler Johnson, according to a Feb. 1 People Magazine report. The former reality television star confirmed her upcoming wedding news on her website, writing, “Assuming you haven't been living under a rock, you've probably heard the news but if not, I'm here to let the cat out of the bag. I'm ENGAGED! And no, it's not to someone I met on a reality show or even a dating site, but to an amazing man I met through my church, Forest Hill, in Charlotte.”

Emily Maynard engaged with 4 non-traditional rings to Tyler
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Emily Maynard rocks 4 non-traditional engagement rings
Emily Maynard/Instagram

The bride-to-be opted for a non-traditional stack of four simple bands as her engagement rings. “I told him I didn't want a traditional engagement ring and that I just wanted some simple bands. He went above and beyond to say the least and they couldn't be more 'me.' I got a good one,” she added on her website.

WebProNews reports that the 27-year-old jewelry designer and mother is very optimistic about her future with Johnson, despite her myriad of relationship issues in the past. The blonde beauty was previously engaged three times.

“I can already hear all of the Debbie Downers out there saying, ‘Again?’ But let me be the first to say, this time it’s the real deal. I promise,” Maynard wrote on her website. “We’ve been dating for over a year and have known each other for much longer. I used to teach a jewelry making class at a middle school that my church adopted and Tyler was one of the coordinators of the program.”