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Emily Loftiss Talks Bridal Beauty And Trends

Known for her megawatt smile, infectious personality and major beauty and style tips, Emily Loftiss is the ultimate media maven. While you may have seen her dishing out trend tips or sharing her professional secrets on red carpet beauty on your favorite TV programs (Insider, CBS Morning Show, MTV’s MADE, and more), Emily’s extensive talents do not stop here. A former Radio City Rockette and Broadway darling, Emily’s resume is both impressive and ever growing.

Emily Loftiss and Jay Carlington Celebrate Engagement in NYC
Courtesy of Emily Loftiss/Dirty Sugar Photography
Emily Loftiss
Courtesy of Emily Loftiss

She’s successfully encapsulated all of her best kept secrets, tips and recommendations across the fashion and beauty worlds in one brilliant blog, The website has quickly become an ultimate digital destination for all who desire a little peek behind the glamorous curtain of beauty. A major advocate of authenticity, Emily has not only made her unique mark in this competitive industry but has done so in fashion that inspires and connects.

In addition to her professional success, Emily has equally found happiness in her personal life. The blonde beauty and her fiancé, Jay Carlington, tied the knot on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at a quaint plantation in Thomasville, Georgia. The Georgia native met her sweetheart in New York City and decided to take their love west to California in 2013. I caught up with the beauteous bride to get the scoop on her best bridal beauty tips and trends and how brides-to-be can look their best on their own big days.

Amna Anwar: What does Bridal beauty mean to you?
Emily Loftiss: Bridal beauty should be the best version of one’s self. I hate seeing a tomboy all done up and looking nothing like herself. Be true to yourself. You want to prepare for the big day like you are going to a lovely black tie dinner-beautiful dewy skin and effortless hair.

Your wedding day does not mean a celebrity transformation – get that notion out of your mind.

AA: What are your favorite wedding/bridal beauty trends? Which are some to avoid?
EL: I love a smoky eye! Smoky doesn't always mean black - it could be created of browns and gold tones. Make sure you don’t forget about the lashes as this event is all about your eyes and the emotion behind it.

Also, I love some nail art but on your big day but I’d suggest skipping the craziness and go for pretty. You can even do some glitter, just keep in mind that you want people to look at the whole package not some initial on a statement nail.

AA: What common beauty (hair/makeup) mistakes do brides often make when choosing their final looks?
EL: You must remember where you are getting married.

If it's by the ocean - I would suggest wearing your hair up or partly up. Ocean ceremonies involve wind and the last thing you want is to have flyaways all in your face. If you don’t want to do an updo, pull it down for the ceremony. Make sure to have a bridesmaid on hair duty to assure your hair stays picture perfect. Also, excusing yourself to touch up your look is perfectly acceptable. You’ll thank me later when you receive your pictures.

AA: Pops of color: Over the years, many brides (celebrity or otherwise) have incorporated color into their wedding looks. Whether its subtle dip-dyed gowns, shoes or cosmetic choices, color is becoming a more attractive choice. As someone who loves an orange manicure, do you think brides should keep their manicures simple or opt for an unexpected color? What polish will you be sporting?
EL: I think pops of color are fabulous if done well. I hand-beaded Swarovski crystals on my shoulders that included mint, lavender and peach colors. I wanted something unexpected yet completely classy. As previously mentioned, I think you should save the nontraditional nails for another day. You don't want to look back 15 years from now and ask “why did my friends let me do that?” I’m opting for a gel manicure in a springy peach rather than the traditional ballet pink as it is one of my wedding colors.

AA: The ultimate lip debate – should brides opt for a matte or semi satin/gloss lip?
EL: Personally, I don't feel like myself when I have on a matte lip (unless it's a deep red). I am a gloss girl all the way so I couldn't dream of wearing matte lips for my wedding. I've seen lovely looks with both but I often tell people that gloss makes you look more youthful (great tip!).

AA: What is one ultimate beauty tip you can share for upcoming brides?
EL: Do a makeup trial. Just because you see a hairstyle on Pinterest doesn't means it will look good on you. You need to run your look to ensure flawless execution the day of. Practice makes perfect.

AA: What beauty must-haves should every bridesmaid have on hand to look photo ready at all times?
EL: Necessity items in your clutch: Blotting papers, lipstick, concealer (for untimely pimples and under your eyes after you've been dancing), hairspray and mirror.

AA: What star beauty products will you be using on your day?
EL: I'll be using lots of MAC Cosmetics and Make Up For Ever products. Both lines offer lasting products and I need longevity since it's going to be a 10 hour day including pictures. I am obsessed with my Georgia Beauty Lashes- I'll probably double lash for the big day. For a perfect bridal glow, I’ll be adding Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid for an added dose of shine.

AA: Scent is a major factor for weddings. It could be used as a theme during the wedding (candles, etc) or a personal fragrance choice. Which fragrance will you be wearing on your big day?
EL: I am Michael Kors girl all the way. I have seriously worn it for over 10 years and I can never seem to break up with him. The fragrance features a base scent of magnolia. If you have a special smell- lavender, rosemary, vanilla- I say let it out. We want to embrace all aspects of you and your partner.

AA: Any additional beauty wisdom you’d like to share?
EL: Be authentic to you. It's fine to hear other people's opinions but ultimately you want to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. If you want to do a beehive and red lips- just do it, sister. Just stand your ground and remember YOU know best. Embrace your body, your face, your flaws- you are perfect!

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