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Emily Goodhand disappears as 'True Tori' starts to air: Is she real?

Tori and Dean
Tori and Dean
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Emily Goodhand is known to the world as the girl that Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling with and that is not a good thing. On Thursday, Reality Tea shared how they believe it could be possible the entire thing was made up for television. Now that "True Tori" is airing Emily has disappeared and nobody is hearing from her.

Tori has now admitted that she sometimes stages things for reality TV. This was sad in a recent book. This has a lot of sources wondering if this is what is going on with "True Tori." Did Dean really cheat on her or did they make it up to get back on television? In her book, Tori said, "I'm Aaron Spelling's daughter. I knew how to write the story. I knew what would tug on heartstrings."

When it all started to go down, Emily Goodhand came forward and said she had a two day affair with Dean. Her Facebook has now been taken down. She is not speaking out or selling stories at all. Tori said on the show that she has never talked to her or even looked up her pictures online.

On "True Tori," she has shared that she is doing this is a single mom. That is not true though because everyone knows she has assistants and nannies that help her. She said that she hadn't seen Dean from the time he went into rehab on Christmas until April but they shared a New Year's picture on their social networks.

Emily Goodhand sold this one exclusive story to US Magazine and then was never heard from again. She could have made a ton of money by doing interviews on television and more but never did that at all. It makes it seem like she doesn't even exist, but an event page does she her attending. Maybe she is simply someone that was paid to play along and then disappear from the story.

"True Tori" is airing new episodes on Tuesday nights. You can watch it all on Lifetime. It will be interesting to see if Emily Goodhand ever speaks out again. Reports are now even out that Dean considered suicide and you can read more at this link.

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