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Emily Dees Boulden and Nicole Noles want to 'Swank-over' Southern California

Emily Dees Boulden and Nicole Noles
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It was announced a few months ago that reality stars Emily Dees Boulden and Nicole Noles would be returning to television with a whole new show. There aren't very many details available but fans do know they will begin shooting the new show next week in California. According to a Feb. 4 post from the official Facebook fan page for Emily Dees Boulden, they are looking for women in the southern California area to be on the show and get a "Swank-over." For those of you unfamiliar with the term, "Swank" is the store Emily Dees Boulden owns and runs out of Atlanta.

Fans are already super excited to see Emily Dees Boulden and Nicole Noles back in action. They are the epitome of fashion and cool, especially appealing to the young adult crowd. Teenage girls adore them and suburban moms want to be them. The post gives fans clear instructions on how to apply for the "Swank-over" and what all will be happening while they are shooting in California.

Right now there is still very little information about what the show will be called and on which network it will air. Fans know that Emily Dees Boulden is set to give birth in just two months, leading to speculation the show will run in the summer or fall this year. You can bet that whatever happens when Emily and Nicole are together will be a blast. Amzie and Sommer will certainly be along for the ride. Fans better get ready because Emily Dees Boulden and Nicole Noles are getting ready to go on a serious "Swank-over" mission!

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