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Emily Blunt discusses her intense role with Tom Cruise in 'Edge of Tomorrow'

According to Yahoo Movies on Saturday, actress Emily Blunt explained her role as she worked with Tom Cruise in Warner Brothers' "Edge of Tomorrow." She was very explicit about how the film wasn't the typical Cruise action flick and how she had put his character out of commission repeatedly in tribute to the "Groundhog Day" format.

Tom Cruise as Major William Cage and Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski in the epic sci-fi thriller 'Edge of Tomorrow'.
Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers Entertainment, used with permission

To understand what this means, apparently Cruise's character, Bill Cage, plays a soldier recruited to join an entire army of Earthlings as they take on an infestation of highly intelligent aliens. Each time he moves through the event, he dies and at that moment the process is repeated. Eventually he gets a little further each time until he encounters Blunt's character as she trains him to become better. Some situations required her to even kill him for the purpose of a "do over" in hopes he can go back with the knowledge he would improve upon. Blunt basically ascribes to how useless his character is until he improves his battle training performance.

“I shot Tom dead so many times. He commits so hard to playing this character who is quite useless in the beginning. I just give him s**t all the time and he gets beaten up every day – by a chick."

Though it would seem many male celebrities would be hesitant on having a lady take the reins in playing the alpha female, Cruise took no qualms with it and happily had fun with the situation as they worked together. It was rather refreshing for Cruise to pass the torch onto a role that requires dominance for a woman. In fact, he takes no issue with what the public would think of it and he also doesn't take himself too seriously.

Blunt went into the project having some kind of "boys club" expectation, but as it turned out, it was a collaborative effort with everyone being so helpful. Also, Blunt explained that Cruise was able to step away from being the typical big "macho" guy and to emit squealing sounds as he portrayed a character that seemed to have a hard time hacking battle training.

"The amount of times he squeals in this movie – he's an amazing squealer! Other movie stars – in my experience – would have been more hesitant about being that vulnerable."

Blunt explained that with Cruise having done so many movies playing the hero, he ironically plays a coward straight through the film. This is something different for the celebrity and he welcomes a new way to partake in such a learning experience.

"Edge of Tomorrow" opens in theaters come June 6.

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