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Emilie Autumn shares adorable ratty video, featuring Lord Bertram's first yawn

This past Saturday, avid Plague Rats were given the privilege to see some of the first video footage, featuring one of her newest pet rat's first yawn. This rat's name is Lord Bertram, emphasizing the fact that Emilie Autumn considers this rat to be special and not worthy of living in the abandoned compost heap he was found in for the remainder of his short life.

In the video description for this Youtube video, Emilie Autumn states that "This tiny baby rat was found abandoned in a compost heap...he is less than two weeks old, and so has not yet opened his eyes. Still, his dignified carriage shows him to be ratty royalty, and he has been dubbed Lord Bertram (Bertie to his friends). Let's watch him grow together!"

Essentially, her quote invites her plague rats to vicariously experience Emilie Autumn's enthusiasm of raising this adorable rat. Given Emilie Autumn's history of being a staunch animal right's advocate, this rat will most certainly be showered with love and raised in a a very supportive home. As all us plague rats know, the few times that we pay a visit to the asylum in the form of her concerts; we feel too that all-consuming love for the very unique people that we are.

One fan left a very appreciative comment: "Emilie, you are quite literally killing us with this extreme cuteness! I'm so glad you're represented rats as dignified pets, and not as foul vermin that many people see them as."

In response to that comment, she candidly said, "Thank you so much for saying so... I'm posting these snippets of ratty life for that primary reason:). Thank you for watching, pass on the cuteness!!"

Basically, the goal of sharing these videos is not for some ego boost, but to provide fans with a more gentle portrait of a rat. Commonly, rats have been seen as disease-carrying vermin, and have been widely hated, exterminated, and experimented upon for this reason.

Throughout her music career, Emilie Autumn has drawn similarities between the way both the mentally insane and the rats of the world are used for drug testing. For rats, it is a much more invasive form of testing, where they are quite literally used as guinea pigs for different versions of trial medications, before hitting store shelves.

For those with some kind of mental disorder , Emilie Autumn has noted, on several occasions, that psychiatric drugs are sometimes forced upon these patients, who may found themselves hospitalized in a mental ward at some point in their lives. These patients are sometimes viewed by the medical community, as untrustworthy rats in a sense, who cannot be trusted without being administered a certain number of drugs.

Of course, Emilie Autumn is not dissuading people from seeking out psychiatric drugs. Instead, she is cautiously noting that those with a variety of mental illnesses should always be on guard that they are not taking drugs, which might be exacerbating their condition rather than helping their condition.

Much like the treatment of her pet rats, Emilie Autumn believes in a form of care that does not view the patient, as merely a guinea pig for profitable drugs. Instead, she sees them as individuals of beauty and depth, worthy of the type of treatment that respects one's dignity and worth as human beings.

So as we watch these adorable videos, let us remember that Emilie Autumn always has an important message to share with all of us, when sharing these videos of her pet rat on her Youtube account. Be sure, to share this video with all the plague rats you know of!

Be on the lookout, for more tantalizing bits of news from the unofficial asylum newsletter: the Emilie Autumn Examiner Page!

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