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Emilie Autumn on the Dinner Party Show?

You read that heading correctly, Plague Rats. It is framed as a question, for this is still purely a hypothetical question. Though, you may be unfamiliar with The Dinner Party Show, hosted by Eric Shaw Quinn and Christopher Rice (bestselling author and son of Anne Rice), you will quickly learn many reasons why Emilie Autumn having a guest spot on their internet radio show may be the ideal place for her to divulge even more tantalizing details about the forthcoming "Asylum Experience," at this year's "Warped Tour."

Crudely refurbished picture, for campaign purposes!
Dinner Party Show/ Emilie Autumn/ Pixlr

Now, The Dinner Party Show is equally as clever, nonsensical, and sarcastic, as our own Emilie Autumn. Many of their dramatic segments. include expert use of satire and other inventive writing methods that tickle the listener's funny bone. In the past, they have had guests like author MJ Rose, who wrote a fabulous series about perfumes,reincarnation, and psychic powers.

Emilie Autumn would find herself in a very commodious environment, if she were to decide to appear as a guest on The Dinner Party Show. Both Eric Shaw Quinn and Christopher Rice will most definitely ask probing questions about her musical style, and everything that a curious listener, unfamiliar with Emilie Autumn, might be interested in hearing about. This would of course also include fascinating details about her latest daunting musical project- The Asylum Experience-that will soon be unveiled in June, at five separate cities, at this year's Van's Warped Tour.

If you have never heard of the Dinner Party Show, you should definitely check out their radio show, by listening to past episodes at their website. Of course, you may also check out their Facebook Fan page, where they always keep their dedicated listeners- called the Party People-abreast of details about upcoming episodes. Episodes are aired live via their website every week at 5pm. Pacific time on Sundays.

For now, we are going to call this latest campaign Operation Dinner Party Show Asylum, which can be shortened to #dinnerpartyasylum on Twitter. Tweet this article, using that special hashtag, in order to make this happen.

Hopefully, we will be able to attend a future dinner date with a triumvirate of such talented people, all seated comfortably in one fabulous radio recording room. And, this trio will be comprised of Sir Eric Shaw Quinn, Sir Christopher Rice, and Lady Emilie Autumn.

Let's make this happen, Plague Rats and Party People !!

For Plague Rats in the west coast, or any plague rat willing to travel, here are the confirmed dates that Emilie Autumn's Asylum Experience will be featured at Warped Tour 2014:

  • June 18 – Mesa, AZ – Quail Run Park
  • June 19 – Las Vegas, NV – UNLV Intramural Fields
  • June 20 – Pomona, CA – Pomona Fairplex
  • June 21 – Mountain View, CA –Shoreline Amphitheatre
  • June 22 – Ventura, CA – Seaside Park

Get your tickets now for the event, by clicking here!

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