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Emery enters its second decade together


As all true fans of the band Emery know, the group will marking its 10th anniversary as a band with a few high profile Southern California shows, including two at Anaheim’s Chain Reaction and one at the Whiskey A Go Go. Obviously, there’s been a flurry of welcome Emery activity of late. But one still has to wonder why? Why now?

As Emery’s Matt Carter explains it, the timing just made sense.

“Most bands break up long before they make it ten years,” Carter notes, “so we just kind of look at it and we say, ‘Well, we still have a really awesome fan base where people really care about what we do and what we say.’ So we said, ‘Let’s take what God has given u --s as far as fans and abilities and talents and opinions and perspectives -- and let’s use it.’ So, here we go. Round two. Let’s ramp it up!”

There’s also a noticeable DIY spirit in what Emery’s doing for its diamond anniversary.

“We’re taking over and doing everything ourselves,” Carter explains, “just like when we started 10 years ago.” The group also has a brand new studio album, “You Were Never Alone,” out on its own label, Bad Christian Music.

These local shows will feature Classic Crime, This Wild Life and Peace Mercutio as touring mates. Emery’s set, which will be performed by the act’s original lineup – including original drummer, Devin Shelton, will also include a live Q&A, a little storytelling and an overall memorable night. Furthermore, the group will be playing its debut album, “The Weak’s End,” in its entirety. And for those that want to make the evening especially memorable, there are also special VIP tickets being sold.

This tour is all about looking forward, not back. “We’re trying to take it up,” he enthuses. “We’re not trying to take it down and retire. We’ve got a lot of stuff left to do.”

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