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Emerging Trends in eCommerce

Emerging Trends in eCommerce

Several eCommerce trends are emerging this year - are you positioned to take advantage of them? While Amazon's drone delivery system is still in the conceptual stage, other eCommerce trends have materialized and are changing the landscape of online sales. Below are a few of the more noteworthy trends.

Mobile Comes of Age

Mobile shopping has come of age. It's no longer merely about putting up a mobile-friendly website; it's about optimization and targeting; it's about taking advantage of the way mobile devices are used and/or worn (think smart watches, Google Glass, and other so-called "wearables"). Shoppers routinely compare prices online, even when in a physical store. As wearables become more popular, expect mobile advertising to follow suit.

Reviews, Cross-Sells, and Recommendations

Amazon is the king of recommendations. It also prominently features user-submitted reviews. Many online retailers do the same, and consumers have come to rely on the experiences of others before making their own buying decisions. In addition to including reviews and recommendations, many online retailers are moving beyond the storefront and into mobile apps and social media.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software helps marketers to keep tabs on shoppers who visit their storefronts and then move on. From lead nurturing and email marketing to "retargeting" (a marketing technique where the retailer's ads appear across the web) and analytics, online retailers have a powerful tool that helps them to turn prospects into paying customers (Source:!DmgsY).

Social Ads and Long Form Content

Google's endless algorithm updates and its latest crackdown on guest blogging have made it harder than ever for smaller online retailers to get noticed in the search engine results pages organically. Many retailers have discovered that social media advertising is both affordable and highly targeted. They've also discovered that "free traffic" via SEO isn't exactly free nor is it very targeted; thus, spending money on highly targeted social media ads is increasingly being seen as a viable, cost-effective alternative that doesn't subject the retailer to the whims of Google.

This doesn't mean that content marketing is dead by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the trend is toward the creation of higher quality, long form content that is highly topical and relevant. Expect to see longer, more in-depth articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos.

Better Delivery

Once again, Amazon has led the way with better delivery options such as its Prime program. Prime subscribers get free two-day shipping and low-cost overnight shipping if desired. Same day delivery is also being tested. Today's consumers expect speed, and they don't necessarily want to pay a premium for it.

Online retailers running a dropshipping business can take advantage of many of these trends (Source: . One area (of many) where dropshipping shines is in the "better delivery" category. Not only does dropshipping offer consumers numerous shipping options, it also saves you time and money.

How Much Time and Money Can You Save?

You can take advantage of these emerging eCommerce trends by using a dropshipping service. According to Doba, a leading drop shipper, the savings can be substantial both in terms of time and money. Assuming just seven orders per day, Doba's time and cost calculation translates into savings of roughly $870 per month (Source: http:// Plus, recurring tasks such as picking and packing orders and delivering packages to couriers are no longer needed. Imagine having an extra hour or more each day!

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