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Emerging facts of Boston Marathon Bombing confirm everybody's worst fears

We see what we want to see.

Yet again, it turns out, everything is exactly as everybody suspected and feared. The Truth has been concealed, as usual, behind a veneer of whitewash, propaganda, and outright lies, but it is irrepressible... and increasingly more obvious.

As new details about last week’s Boston Marathon Bombing emerge, along with facts about the lives and loyalties of the suspects, it seems that virtually everybody finds confirmation of their cherished “Truth”, whatever that Truth might be.

It took no time at all for the simplest minds to publicly broadcast their our-told-you-so glee to the rest of the world. The dust on Boylston Street had hardly settled before conspiracy-monger Alex Jones had declared -- with a wisdom untainted by factual analysis or decency -- that the whole thing was orchestrated -- as it only could have been -- by that omnipresent author of all evil, The Government. The bombing was a “false flag” operation meant to frighten Americans into forgoing their constitutional freedoms in the name of the “War on Terror”.

Shamelessly, Jones even sent some fat slob to crash Governor Deval Patrick’s first post-bombing press conference, where he shouted accusatory questions regarding this suspected satanic plot.

Jones -- imagining himself particularly adept at seeing past official lies -- didn’t waste any time, either, assuming the Tsarnaev brothers innocent. Naive to the point of infantile, Alex Jones, and his gullible masses of subscribers have reduced the entire world into a tidy, comfortable narrative... an uncomplicated narrative of Good against Evil seen in black and white, unfalsifiable, and confirmed by everything. From the comfort of self-aggrandizing delusion, they see themselves as savvy realists and freedom fighters -- the knowledgeable few willing to confront hard realities others refuse to face. They have an ironic word for those who don’t uncritically swallow Jones’s asinine fantasies: “Sheeple”... and they uniformly bleet this word with unfailing diligence -- like the neatly conformed flock they are -- anywhere the “official story” (or any story devoid of a New World Order conspiracy) might rear its ugly head.

But simplistic fears of an orchestrated constitutional hijacking aren’t merely confined to the Jonesian Idiot Fringe. The house-to-house sweep of the Watertown area -- conducted when the surviving suspect was known to be hiding somewhere in the area -- has provoked an uproar amongst armchair legal scholars expressing their certainty that the constitution had been affronted, disregarded, and irreparably insulted in the process... The arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev came at the cost of the very foundational principles of the United States of America, this reasoning goes.

This is, of course, is the Idiot’s Outrage, well removed from reality. While the Fourth Amendment defends citizens from unreasonable search and seizure, it also allows for exigent circumstances, defined as “An exception to the general prohibition on a warrantless arrest or search. Occurs when police officers believe they have probable cause and there is no time to obtain a warrant.” To be sure, absolutely nothing changed in Watertown, and the citizens there would be perfectly free to try and seek damages on the grounds that the searches were unreasonable, and the circumstances not exigent, but this would be a difficult (if not impossible) case to make given the immediacy of the hot pursuit, and the reasonable probability of a hostage situation (not to mention the real possibility of devastating explosives being carried by the desperate suspect).

The Watertown Sweep -- which has now been cast by internet bloviators as an “illegal search and seizure” and an unconstitutional “raid” in which “families were forced by gunpoint from their homes” -- not only didn’t overstep legal boundaries, it set no new precedent, either. The misplaced fear seems to be that -- with Watertown as a precedent -- police now have a carte blanche to wander into any home on any arbitrary whim whatever.

It isn’t clear how our hysterical defenders of constitutional misinterpretation would have handled the situation differently. It is irrational to say, with 20/20 hindsight, that law enforcement should have merely waited passively for the citizen’s tip that would reveal the suspect’s location... Nor is it sensible to suggest that law enforcement should have entered the Watertown homes with guns safely concealed from sight so as not to alarm the citizenry.

As the alternatives become untenable, It further becomes clear that the 4th Amendment argument against the Watertown sweep is not only the product of legal ignorance, but of an eager bias to interpret the present moment in apocalyptic terms, however it is stated: The Looming Police State, Obama’s America, the Death of Liberty...

To be sure, the quest to preserve Civil Liberties is a very real ongoing battle for which we must be ever-vigilant. But we must also be educated, and it is counterproductive to scream hysterically about a legitimate police action while a very real threat to our 4th Amendment rights is currently making its way toward Law.

One of the most bizarre convolutions of logic I've seen emerge from the Boston Marathon Bombing pundits came from an author and “journalist” named Ali Abunimah who saw President Obama’s designation of the word “terrorist” as confirmation of his fear of an official prejudice against Muslims. Contradicting himself to the point of incoherence, Abunimah writes:

“Since Obama has no idea why the alleged suspects may have resorted to violence and no one else has offered an evidence-based explanation, why is Obama already labeling them “terrorists” when he himself warned against a “rush to judgment?”

The only explanation I can think of is the suspects’ identification as ethnic Chechens and Muslims, even though there is no evidence that they acted either in relation to events in their ancestral homeland or were motivated by any Islamist ideology.

True, Obama did switch to calling the Boston attack “terrorism” before any facts were known about the identities or backgrounds of the suspects, but it was also before any new relevant facts were known. Once those identities became known, Obama’s statements have only fed careless, prejudiced assumption so common on cable television: they’re Muslims, so they must be “terrorists.””

So, there we go. Obama had no idea the person or people he was labeling as perpetrating “terrorism” were Chechen Muslims, but he nonetheless labeled it “terrorism”... because they turn out to be Chechen Muslims.

And everywhere you turn, you can find the same the answers that anybody has always given, for any problem, applied to the Boston Marathon Bombings. The anti-semitic have already polluted the internet with piles of “proof” that it was the Israeli Mossad who were the true perpetrators. One need only put the name of any popular out-group before the term “Boston Marathon Bombing” in a Google search to find “evidence” of their complicity.

And there is no cause the Bombing can’t serve. Both pro-gun and anti-gun contingents apply the events to underscore their logic. Lawmakers cite the Bombing as reason to eradicate internet privacy. The solution, clearly, is Prayer in School. Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Gay Marriage.

It’s like I said all along.

When will America finally wake up and see?

And somewhere under all of the predictable banter, uproar, and absolutism lies a tragic event that -- while talked about ad nauseum -- paradoxically seems to have escaped unnoticed.


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