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Emergency preparedness for businesses

When was the last time your workplace thought of emergency preparedness? There are millions of people within the last decade who do know about emergency preparedness; because they lived through flooding’s, earthquakes, tornado's, hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters such as what owners of farmers may go through; not only do they need to protect their employees, homes and family members, but also the livestock and other animals they may have during such an event.
The world is changing, The Center For Climate and Security, stated that Janet Napolitano said, “You have to look at climate change over a period of years, not just one summer…You could always have one abnormal summer. But when you see one after another after another then you can see, yeah, there’s a pattern here.” (Femia, F. 2012).
When one does a research on climate change, from solar flares, sinkholes, and volcanic activities; it prepares the human mind and makes the entire world think, “What if it happens to me?” Chances are; something will happen to you, and chances are the businesses, and the normal family is not ready for an emergency of let’s say, a Category 4 or above Hurricane.
Businesses and families need to make a plan and be prepared for as much as a business or a family can, because on a personal note; I have been through two-major hurricanes, and if we were not prepared for at least a month; our family could not have imagined what life would have actually been like. Going without utilities for a month was hard enough during Hurricane Charley, however if the food was not stocked; bottled water was not bought, and the basic necessities were not where to be found; our lives would have been horrid, because the stores shelves were empty for weeks.
Take for an example the last Polar Vortex; stores were/are still empty as of January 10, 2014. Just Google; ‘Winter storm cripples grocery stores,’ and one can see this might be a problem for another week or so. has what one needs to start building a disaster preparedness plan, and print it out; plus add to the list according to one’s own business, and or homes.

Below; I have also provided articles from the outlook of the economy; it looks as if stores shelves are also running low because of the economy, and so my advice is to read them, and make your mind up; whether you should indeed stock enough food and water for a month or longer because of natural events; or the economy and or both.

Femia, F, 2012, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano on Climate Change, (accessed January 10, 2012)

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