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Emergency petition to seize animals at Bloomingdale's Pet Rescue

This Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in Room 4007, the Wheaton Courthouse will hold a meeting that may change the lives of all the animals at Pet Rescue Inc. in Bloomingdale.

PRI has been under fire for years, accused of hoarding and improper care of their animals.

Years ago, I had tried to visit the shelter multiple times when my family was looking to adopt a cat. Even during their sparse adoption hours, every time I went, there seemed to be no one there. It was strage, but eventually we ended up adopting from DuPage Animal Control instead, and I didn't think about PRI again until earlier this year.

While speaking with another volunteer at an Almost Home Foundation event, I found out that an entire campaign has been mounted against PRI by the shelter's own former staff and volunteers. Members and supporters of Operation Mia, named after a victim of the shelter's neglect that had to be euthanized, have been meeting at the courthouse once a week, trying to get policymakers' attention as they arrive at work in the morning.

Last Wednesday the group's efforts had a visible effect: PRI lost its license after a judge ruled that the shelter failed to provide timely records to the Illinois Department of Agriculture. PRI has effectively been shut down, but still has time to appeal the ruling.

At tomorrow's meeting, the Asst D.A. is requesting that the animals at PRI be removed as soon as possible. If you are available, please be there to show your support.