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Emergency hearing set for April 21 to determine fate of dogs seized from rescue

Emergency hearing scheduled for April 21 for Sheridan's seized dogs
Emergency hearing scheduled for April 21 for Sheridan's seized dogs
Anderson County Sheriff's Office

An emergency hearing is set for April 21 in Anderson, SC to determine the fate of dogs seized from Golden S Rescue, Facebook reported April 18. Prior Examiner articles can be found below under 'suggested by the author.'

The hearing, which will determine the fate of more than 100 dogs seized from Golden S Rescue, is scheduled for 9 a.m. at the Ronnie Townsend building, located at 2404 North Main Street. This is across from the fire department and next to Molly and Me Gourmet Dog Bakery.

For those of you new to the case, Deborah Lynn Sheridan was arrested back in February and charged with several counts of ill treatment of animals. According to officials, at least one dog died.

Sheridan went before an Anderson County judge, where she asked for a jury trial. The date hasn't been determined as of yet, but Sheridan has made it clear she wants her dogs back.

Anderson County P.A.W.S. is now in care of the animals seized, and it's placing a burden on the animals they take in from residents. It would be a great disservice for the seized dogs to have to remain under their care for up to a year waiting for the case to go to trial.

This could mean the forced euthanasia of healthy dogs because the shelter is out of space to care for them. Animal advocates don't want this to occur, and hopefully it won't be necessary.

For this reason, the community is urged to help PAWS get permanent custody of the seized dogs. Many healthy dogs become ill, sometimes with a tragic outcome, from living in a shelter environment.

A court decision on Monday in favor of Anderson County PAWS would enable the shelter to find loving homes for Sheridan's former 'rescued' dogs, and improve the odds that all dogs in their care can find a forever home.

This is a very important hearing and may set a precedent for cases to come. On the one hand, there are 100+ dogs who shouldn't have to remain in cages while the courts sort this out. Other dogs shouldn't have their lives taken simply for lack of space caused by an alleged abuse situation.

Sheridan wants these dogs to remain in the custody of the shelter because she hasn't been tried and found guilty of a crime in a court of law. It's every citizens right and privilege to ask for a jury trial.

There are those out there who would argue government is taking away the property of a person charged, but not yet convicted of a crime.

Please share information on this hearing, and attend if at all possible in support of Anderson County PAWS.

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