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EMERGENCY Contact Birmingham City Council TODAY

Frosty and friends need your support
Frosty and friends need your support

The Birmingham City Council will vote on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 to renew the Birmingham Jefferson County Animal Control Services contract. If it is not renewed, the shelter will have zero funds to care for the animals already there and will have to shut their doors to any animals needing shelter. They will be forced to euthanize all animals on the premises. Don't let the dogs and cats in their care die from lack of funding. Contact the Birmingham City Council today and demand they, as your city representatives, renew the BJCACS contract.

The contact information can be found on the Birmingham city website or email the councilmembers:

Whatever problems may or may not exist there are completely beside the point and are not a part of this decision. The fact is plain and simple, without continued city funding, the facility will close and all animals will be euthanized.

From the Adoption Director at BJCACS:

Next Tuesday, the Birmingham City Council will vote on whether or not to pay for BJC Animal Control's services in the month of February. They have already voted against paying for our services in their last meeting. We are STILL on a month to month contract with the city, and unless the contract is approved on Tuesday, BJC will be left with no funding to care for over one hundred animals from the city of Birmingham, including over 40 animals that are being housed as part of cruelty cases for the Birmingham Police Department. We urge citizens of Birmingham to contact their city councilmembers immediately and ask that this cancellation of services not take place. We have asked to be empowered to do more for the citizens and animals alike, but instead we find ourselves on the verge of being shut out of helping the city of Birmingham.

Please contact the city council TODAY.


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