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Emergency! All Breeds need temporary foster parents for a week or two!

This is just one of many dogs who have been waiting for a forever home too long.
This is just one of many dogs who have been waiting for a forever home too long.
Jenna Haines

The 4th of July holiday means the usual foster moms for dogs are in need of fostering themselves. This may be the only time they can get away and most places will not let you bring several animals so they need short term fostering.

Fostering is not hard and short term just requires patience and understanding as to the background of many of these in-need pets. You only need to care for these dogs for a week or two. If it goes well maybe you could become a longer term foster parent.

So what does a dog foster parent do? Well, they try to help the animal trust again. In some cases the dogs endured a puppy mill existence or were neglected and abused. They love and attention almost more than anything else.

The foster parent can experiment a bit with the usual things that are normal in most pet households and help the dog begin the process of fitting into a family. It is not hard, just common sense stuff since in order for that pet to go into a forever home, they must be somewhat ready.

The common sense approach is easy to do if you just think about what habits would be unacceptable in a forever home. Your job is just to remind the dog that they cannot do certain things, but to do it in a non-threatening way that does not add to their stress or trauma.

Please consider helping out as this vacation time of year poses extra problems for those trying to foster on a regular basis.They really need you.

You can call all Breeds Rescue and Training at 719-264-6460 or check out their website at

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