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Emerald Recap: Arrow S02E08 "The Scientist"

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We get one step closer to a DC Universe on the small and/or big screen with the introduction of Barry Allen in this week's "Arrow." And if he's always this good, they should give him the show instead, as long as he actually suits up.


An unseen figure breaks into Queen Consolidated Applied Sciences, killing two guards and stealing a centrifuge. He dumps it into a truck and takes off. The next day, Barry Allen (Central City CSI) arrives at the crime scene, and Felicity asks him to help.

Moira Queen arrives back at Queen Co. in time for a board meeting. Isabel takes offense to someone recently acquitted of mass murder taking over the company. Later, Merlyn arrives in Moria’s room, revealing he went to Nanda Parbat after their affair, where he received his training. He wants Thea to know he's her father, soon.

Barry finds sugar and dirt on the boot tracks from the killer; as they talk, the truck from the theft is used to steal 30,000 CC’s of O-Negative from a blood bank. A masked man in the truck drives it off, and Arrow catches up on a motorcycle. The man takes a few punches to the face, and shrugs off an arrow in his leg. Arrow is thrown out, but keeps the arrow; blood sample.

Ollie admits to Diggle and Felicity that he’s seen men with super-strength before; he tells the story about Ivo and the Mirakuru serum. But he says Ivo is dead and he burned all of it. He has Felicity/Barry analyze the blood sample for a sedative necessary for the formula.

Later, while Felicity and Barry analyze the sample, Felicity says she’s not into Ollie, and she asks him out. He accepts, as long as there’s no dancing. Ollie bursts in suddenly and confronts Barry, who is really just an assistant. He revealed earlier that his mom was murdered when he was 11, and this made him want to join the police. But in reality, his father was convicted of killing his mother, but he vows to find “the real killer,” apparently a speedster. So he’s after the weird cases, hoping it’ll help him figure it out.

At Moria’s welcome back party, it turns out only a few people came. Sin calls Roy away for help with Max. Oliver reveals to Felicity he called Allen to come by, and they get a dance in. Isabel gloats briefly about the low turnout before they get a drink in.

Flashback; Barry, Slade, Shado, and Dinah find the WWII sub in a small lake in the middle of the island. Inside, Slade collapses due to his injuries. They find a tacklebox full of Mirakulu, and start looking for sedatives, but Ivo arrives as well. Slade takes the Miraclo, right after admitting feelings for Shado. He cries tears of blood, screams in pain, and passes away. Ivo and his men bust in with guns drawn.

Moira is told her info was greatly accepted. Ollie excuses himself, and Moira almost lets the truth slip to Thea.

Back in the lab, Allen gets chewed out for running off by his captain. He apologizes to Felicity before leaving, before they figure out the sedative was ketamine from ARGUS’s nearby disaster bunker. Oliver is on his way, but they notice on a closed circuit camera that Roy has sent out the signal.

B-Plot: Sin texts Roy for help; her friend Max needs to be found. Thea offers their help to find him, though Sin really wanted Arrow. Sin, Thea and Roy go into Max’s place and find drawings, as well as a flyer for Sebastian Blood’s blood bank. Meanwhile, a cop is informs Blood he’s being sought after. Roy arrives at a crime scene, where Max has apparently OD’ed. He tries taking pictures, but gets shooed off by the police. Roy reveals to Arrow that Max was found dead, crying blood. Arrow tells Roy to back off, but he refuses and decides to go solo. Arrow gives him one in the leg to “slow him down.”

Back at home, Moira refuses to let Thea know the truth, despite Merlyn killing her security. She lets him know that she ratted him out to Ra’s Ah Ghul; The League of Assassins is after him now, since the Undertaking violated their moral code. He makes to disappear, but vows "this isn't over."

In the bunker, Arrow and the masked man throw down, but Ollie loses and gets a couple random syringes in his leg, passing out and slowlyl dying. Felicity and Diggle arrive after, and Diggle calls 911, until Felicity stops him. Instead, she calls Barry Allen, who thankfully was late for his train. He gets an dart in his neck, and wakes back up in the hideout. “Please save my friend,” Felicity says. To be continued!


So we're right back to Ollie killing in his line of business and no one really caring? There's no real consequences to offing Count Vertigo last episode, and no hint of irony when Isabel mentions that people wouldn't like a "murderer" running their company. They did edit the intro so that he's Arrow to honor Tommy, and not abstaining from killing for him. So I guess we're consistent that way.

Anyway, it's appropriate Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen, the man who may be The Flash, because he runs away with the episode. He's more charming that Ollie, his motivation is somehow less hand-wringing, and his semi-romantic rapport with Felicity is more natural and believable; I just want to see those kids hold hands and get ice cream. If this is what a "Flash" TV show will be like, except with some added red, sign me up.

But either have him suit up and be speedy, or don't have him on. The episode was full of references to his origin, which I caught because I'm the Geek Culture Examiner. After all, they stopped the show for a half-minute to have him rearranging chemicals during a storm, which is the classic origin. But then nothing happened. He's good with crime scenes and chemicals, we get it, but if he's not there to appear as the Flash, his part could be written out completely. After all, Starling City has their own CSI, and the team hacked into the police system earlier. Don't tease us.

Next week is Part 2 of the Mid-Season Finale, which means another round with the masked man, and maybe a throwdown with Brother Blood. There's also the threat of Merlyn returning, Ra's Ah Ghul coming by looking for him, Roy going solo again, and maybe...just maybe...The Flash. Fingers crossed!


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