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Emerald Recap: Arrow S02E014 "Time of Death"

Arrow S02E14, Time of Death
Arrow S02E14, Time of Death
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This week's "Arrow" sets aside the bigger plot lines and focuses more on everyone's favorite quirky nerd Felicity. Considering she's one of like three character who aren't doom and gloom, it really works.


A new day, and two gentlemen enter Queen Industries, making for the elevator in six seconds by a shadowy figure, Clock King. They make their way up and grab a package from Kord Industries. They run for the door, ignoring directions and plugging a guard. Officer Quentin Lance arrives and call for backup, but loses them in a protest outside.

Clock King reprimands his thugs for not listening to instructions and avoiding killing anyone. They demand payment, and our villain pays the one holding a gun with stabbity.

After our cold open, Team Arrow exercises with staffs and shows off scars. Ollie has a party planned for Sara's return, though Laurel will most likely not be thrilled. The Laurels arrives at Queen Mansion for the party, shortly before Sin and Roy drop by as well. Ollie sneaks away and invites Laurel again, who's decided to stick with a glass of red. Lance tells him it took him a while to forgive Ollie for coming back, and apologizes for being harsh on him. Lance gets called away, just as Felicity calls Ollie and Sara. Lance found out the thug had been stabbed with a minute hand, and he'd taken a device that could be used to crack any bank vault anywhere. They need to find it.

Lance drops by Laurel's, asking her to move past her resentment. She reluctantly agrees to host the family later on before Lance gets called away again.

Clock King sends his thugs to rob a bank, and they grab a handful of money before Arrow/Canary arrive. He hacks their signal and tells Arrow to go stop a train from smashing into a bus. Canary can't keep them from driving off, and Arrow drives in front of the bus to stop it within seconds.

Back at Verdant, Thea knows Ollie is avoiding Moira, and reminds him not to keep secrets. He sneaks away to the basement, where Felicity is having a hard time keeping up with CK. Sara, however, pulled a blood sample from her baton, and it turns out our villain has Macgregor's Syndrome, terminal. Felicity uses this to find out his identity, figuring he's stealing money for his sister's lung transplant.

They find his address and his appropriated news van, which turns out to be a trap. He's hacked Verdant's systems and blows up all the electronics for good measure. While their systems are fried, Ollie fills his bank account with money for a trap. Sara's late for her family dinner though, and she asks Ollie to come with.

While the heroes go, Diggle asks Felicity if her crush is making it hard for her to see Sara around, and while not admitting to the crush, she does admit she just wants to be important to the team.

At Laurel's, our hostess decides not to open a bottle, but she's not happy that Sara brought a friend, so it's awkward. Dinner happens, and Lance figures mother Dinah will come back to Starling, but she wasn't planning on it. Because she has a job...and a boyfriend (#awkward). And Laurel figures out Sara and Ollie are sleeping together again. SUPER-AWKWARD. Laurel tells everyone to clean up and leave, storming out. Ollie comes after her, and he cops to being a man-whore with Sara years ago, but won't take blame for her addictions. In fact, he's done caring.

Ollie arrives back at the Arrow Cave, and it turns out the trap is set and Felicity has a signal on CK...because she's there. Team Arrow arrives ASAP, but the alarms go off. Arrow leaves to go stop the thugs, but Clock King hacks into their system again, shutting off the gas line to cause an explosion underneath. Arrow tussles with the hired thugs, and Felicity finds a way to track the King. Diggle manages to fix the gas while Canary runs into King's hideout, though he has a gun. Felicity pushes Canary out of the way, taking a slug in the arm, before using her Surface Pro to blow up his cell with his own virus, knocking him out.

Felicity gets patched up back at base, and Ollie apologizes for ignoring her. He and Sara sneak up to the bar, and it turns out Sara's new job is bartending at Verdant. A surprise 911 text calls Ollie home, but Laurel arrives out of nowhere. He takes off, and the girls have a chat where Laurel apologizes and they share a reconciliatory hug. A few hours later, Sin drops by for a catch-up, and Sara pulls out a picture.* The next day, Laurel arrives at Alcoholics Anonymous with her father for the first time.

At the Mansion, Ollie realizes Thea just wants him and Moira to reconcile. Then Ollie gets to meet Moira's new friend...Slade Wilson.

Slade, Dinah, and Ollie makes plans to get onto Ivo's boat, but they're distracted by a small plane going over, until it gets shot down. They investigate the wreckage and pull out the CB radio, busted. The pilot is surprisingly alive, and the men get sent for supplies. Sara builds a fire and patches the pilot up, but he doesn't think he has long, remembering his 12-year old daughter from a picture.* Ollie looks in the plane and finds some parachutes, aka their ticket onto the boat.


This was a really enjoyable episode. Nothing earth-shattering, but a lot of good character moments. Felicity is one of the best characters on the show, and focusing on her lightened the tone and made it more fun. Plus, Laurel's problems with pills and alcohol aren't being dragged out any more than necessary. One of the show's hallmarks is that when secrets get revealed and smaller plot lines end, it's a huge payoff.

Like that Slade is apparently going to play both sides of the mayoral race himself, or the heavy implication that Sin is the pilot's daughter, and that's why Sara has been looking out for her. I really am a little surprised that Ollie is apparently keeping Canary and Roy separate for now though, evidenced by the fact that Sin and Sara had to make up an excuse for knowing each other outside of the mask. Apparently not everyone knows all the secrets.

I do still think it's ridiculous that Ollie is angry at his mother for her indiscretion. If she was the only one in the family ever to do so, and it happened like last week, I would get it. But Thea's an adult now, and it was apparently because of his father's own mistakes, not to mention before Merlyn went all murdery. Plus, as far as the show goes, Merlyn is dead again/still, so what's the harm? As I type this I suspect it'll all come out before the Season Finale and the end of the mayoral race.

So now the show is back on regularly and Slade has finally come to visit. Let's see where this goes next week.

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