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Emerald Recap: Arrow S02E013 "Heir to the Demon"

Arrow, Heir to the Demon
Arrow, Heir to the Demon
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A dark-haired woman arrives at the airport, flagged by ARGUS. Security goes in to arrest her, but they're taken out with their own weapons and those rope things they use for lines.

The Queen Campaign meets to plan their running announcement and press strategy. Felicity corners Walter about Moira's offshore holdings (Tempest) she looked into last season, and another transaction happened recently. Walter brushes it off.

Oliver is told he needs to stop supporting Sebastian Blood, right before Det. Lance calls; Laurel is in the hospital, eve her Mom has even come to see her. They're convinced Laurel OD'ed, but she swears she didn't. The hospital wants to check her eye, which has an odd green pigment now. When Oliver and Mom leave, Laurel admits to her father that she saw Sara. Sara, BTW, is doing the arm rail thing in the hideout at Verdant. Oliver lets her know Laurel's okay, but Sara wonders how she was found. She's planning on taking off again immediately, but Det. calls.

Sara meets her Dad at a bar. He tries to talk her into staying, but she's running from the League, and him. She heads out to an alley, where Arrow is watching. Then our mysterious woman, clad in red, appears with a knife...and plants a kiss on Sara. She's Nyssa Ah Ghul, daughter to Ra's Ah Ghul, the head of the League of Assassins. The two were apparently lovers at some point, but Sara took off after the earthquake to check on her family. She doesn't want to go back, but Ra's wants to uphold her vow to the League. Nyssa reminds her no one is allowed to leave, and Sara says she should do what she needs to do.

Felicity arrives at Queen mansion to talk to Moira about Tempest; a lot of money was paid to Dr. Gill, and she drops the bomb that she figured out Merlyn is Thea's father. She wants Moria to tell Oliver, but she reminds her it'll tear the family apart, and result in them both being hated.

Back at the Club, Sara resolves to leave again, but Diggle has Laurel's bloodwork, which has snake venom in it; the League poisoned her to get Sara back. Meanwhile, her mother just got kidnapped. Arrow and the Canary take off in pursuit off the League's van from the hospital, Nyssa firing off arrows of her own. Canary climbs on, but a smack to the face and she falls away. Nyssa calls later and reveals Sara has 24 hours to turn herself in to the League.

Team Arrow does some research and finds out Nyssa stole the van from a zoo. They get a plate number from CCTV, and Sebastian calls, gaining an apology. Moira finds that Blood is in her office, and he tells her to get out. She warns him not to underestimate her.

Sara and Det. meet up to wait for Arrow to bring the assassins to them. They start to catch up, but company arrives. Arrow and Canary tangle with an assassin, and Det. gets a good punch in. Before they can interrogate him, he swallows poison. Dead end.

At Moira's announcement press conference, Felicity is acting apprehensive. Ollie wants to know why, and she lets the secret go. Walter calls Ollie up to introduce him, and he chokes up as he does so. When he hands off the podium, he whispers to her that he knows.

Sara calls Nyssa and agrees to come in. Det. almost lets Laurel know Sara's alive, but she calls and says where Mom is. Team Arrow decides to chase after Sara so she doesn't kill Nyssa and bring the League on all of them.

Det. Lance arrives at the dock, Sara in tow. Mom gets a happy shock from their reunion, right before Sara goes to leave. As they take off, Sara collapses; she took the snake venom poison herself. Det. calls for help, and Nyssa vows to kill the Lances. Arrow busts in, and an archer contest breaks out. Arrow says he can still save Sara, but Nyssa won't hear it. He gets a hold on her, but Sara begs for her life to be spared. He goes to her as she collapses, administering a cure Sara promises no more killing, but Nyssa decides to release her, disappearing. The police come, as does Laurel.

Later that night, Moira enjoys a drink, and Ollie arrives, telling her to listen. He's fed up with her lies, but knows Thea can't ever know who her true father is. He'll publicly support Moira, but that's it. Meanwhile, Slade is not happy Moira has announced her campaign. Blood is to stay out, he'll take care of it.

The Lance family has a reunion where Laurel is fed up. She comes to the conclusion that all the bad things in their life are Sara's fault, before telling her to get out. Ollie works out as Sara drops by. They commiserate family before deciding to make out. And more...stuff.

Six years ago! Lance is making dinner, everyone comes in for a meal. Sara shoots off a text to Oliver. The two sisters catch up over TV, and Laurel and Oliver are apparently looking at apartments. They have a brief dust-up right before Sara heads for the docks DUN DUN DUN. Later, as Laurel and Dad discuss marriage, they see the news Oliver's ship has gone missing. Later, Moira comes by to mourn with the Lances. She also lets them know Sara was on the boat.


I understand Ollie is in shock, but he already knew that his mother slept with Season 1's bad guy. Wouldn't he be stoked he shares a sister with his dead best friend? 'Course maybe it'll blow over by the next episode, especially since someone nicknamed Deathstroke the Terminator is coming for his mother.

I'll be interested to see what happens now that the Arrow/Canary team will be full on. Actually, forget the rumors about Stephen Amell getting called up to the Justice League, you can have Arrow, Canary, and Roy as their own team. Remember that bit I said a while back about how big the cast is getting? Last episode Roy was raging on ancient Japanese steroids and becoming a sidekick, now he's gone. Remember a bit ago when some Russian woman named Isabel was going to run the company? I'm just amazed at this point that they fit the League and Slade in the same episode.

So in future episodes we have the Arrow and the Canary together, Roy's training, Moira's campaign, Thea's parentage that will surely come out, Slade's revenge, Blood's bid for power, and Laurel's addiction. Here's hoping the producers can't juggle it all.

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