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Emerald Recap: Arrow S02E012 "Tremors"

Arrow S02E12, Tremors
Arrow S02E12, Tremors
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This episode of "Arrow" is somewhat scattered. A lot of things happen to the cast, and number of it is set up for the rest of the season.


A gentleman named Walter is brought into Blackgate prison. His new cellmate is Bronze Tiger, who he gives an address before opening up his own veins and pulling out Tiger's bronze claws. A guard investigates the dead body, and his throat is slashed, keys taken.

In a warehouse, Arrow has Roy slapping a bowl of water, but he's getting impatient. Arrow explains that Mirakuru made him have to put an arrow into a "friend's" eye. Roy would rather bust stuff up. He asks for the chance at one night out on the city.

Team Arrow gets a buzz from Iron Heights that Tiger is out. Tiger, by the way, is meeting a scary bald man on a roof, who wants him to retrieve an "item" that could kill thousands. Arrow begrudgingly tells Roy to suit up. At Malcolm Merlyn's old house, they head to the garage, where Tiger and some men find a prototype of the Earthquake device (from Season 1). Arrow and Tiger mix it up, and Roy goes after their getaway van, focusing on the driver and letting Tiger get away. Felicity is tasked with pulling fingerprints off a watch, while

Roy tries to tell Thea to take her family and leave town, but he squeezes her arm a bit too hard and scares her. He runs off, and is late for training; Arrow tells him not to bring Thea into it, and he starts to rage out. Arrow tries to stop him, but Roy gets a lucky shot in and he goes through a table.

Meanwhile this episode, Det. Lance checks on his daughter Laurel. She's irritated, but he misses her. They agree to have dinner tomorrow, but instead arrive at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, which makes her storm off. Laurel goes to a job interview, and while being turned down she finds out she's going to be investigated for her fitness to practice law.

Team Arrow meets about Roy and the fingerprints; Thea interrupts with a call about Laurel going on a bender upstairs. Ollie takes her keys and Thea calls a cab. Felicity sneaks in with a name of Tiger's current hire, Milo. Ollie makes a call before running off.

In a shadowy place, Tiger gets paid and Milo has a buyer in Markovia; Arrow shows up and people have his namesake inserted into them. Tiger gets a sneak attack in, until Roy shows up and busts him up. But the device is activated, and Ollie has to lose the costume to get Roy to stop pounding Tiger, think about Thea, and help stop the machine. Roy punches into the shipping container, and one bomb arrow later, the machine is gone.

Felicity patches up Ollie later, and they're not happy the secret is out a bit more. Ollie says he needed to get Roy to focus on his love for Thea to gain control. Roy comes by later, and Ollie lays out Thea can never know, before he meets Diggle and Felicity, and apparently they're not to be called Team Arrow.

In prison, Tiger gets a visitor; Amanda Waller drops by with an offer to join her "squad."

Moira meets her ex-husband Walter, who brought a friend, Mark. They trying to find someone to run against Sebastian Blood, who they believe would bankrupt the city; they want her. Later, Moira and Walter meet for a drink at home; apparently 46% of those polled feel like she was justified in what she did. Walter pitches her as a redemption story until Thea comes in, who tells her as mayor she could do her part to restore the city. Walter comes by the house again for Moira, and she agrees to run for mayor. They discuss that they both know Thea's father was Merlyn; her OB is the only other one who has that info, and he needs to be secured.

Laurel stumbles home, and passes out on the floor of the living room. Until Sara drops in...


Sara and Ollie search for Slade. They get to the cave, and find calculations scribbled on the wall. Ollie realizes Slade is going to use the abandoned hardware to take out Ivo's ship, which they need to get home. The two catch up with Slade, who says he'll shoot if they try to stop him. Ollie tells him Shado would've wanted him to get home. He slowly starts to get control, and they plan to take the freighter.


I called them Team Arrow before and I will continue to do so. Honestly, sometimes I think someone who works on the show reads this.

I'm hoping this episode is part of an arc for Roy. He always felt shoe-horned into the show, and him basically having 'roid-rage every time he saw an opportunity to punch someone doesn't help. If he changes for the better, then his character has developed, but if not he's just annoying.

I'm mildly surprised that Laurel becoming an addict and Ollie's call is what finally gets Sara to reveal herself. If anything, since an earthquake and a handful of tragedy is what made her hit the pills and the bottle, this may be a bad idea. I bet the next episode has some hard revelations.

Apparently the Suicide Squad is getting built up, but unless they come gunning for Ollie I don't see how it's relevant. There's been no word on a TV show for the Squad, and Ollie probably won't be joining unless he's arrested. Fan service is nice, but it has to have a reason, or we get Zachary Quinto quoting "Wrath of Khan."

So Ollie has a sidekick, Laurel is getting help, and a team is being formed. No clear indicator on where it's all going, as the early episodes seemed to build to Ra's Ah Ghul, then built up Sebastian Blood, and now Slade as Deathstroke. But there's about ten more episodes, so we'll see.

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