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Emerald Recap: Arrow S02E011 "Blind Spot"

Arrow S02E11, Blind Spot
Arrow S02E11, Blind Spot
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I really don't know about this episode. Besides some wacky twists, things take some left turns in regards to drugs and how people in this world react to them. The results are not always great.


Alderman Blood arrives at St. Walker’s to visit his “Aunt.” He asks about Laurel’s visit a few days ago, and she spills the beans about spilling the beans. He says he forgives her, but then a skull mask gets in her face.

Laurel pops a pill and takes a call from St. Walker’s; Aunt Blood suffered a heart attack. The DA won’t hear her story about her true identity, or grant her a warrant for Blood's phone records. She instead has her dad call Arrow, and they have a meeting. She drops all the info she has on him, and asks for help. Team Arrow decides to investigate if Blood actually killed his father, and they go looking for the case file.

Laurel throws back some pills at her place before Arrow drops in. He recruits her to break into the city’s records. Security makes them, and they run out before they get busted. Laurel opens the file to find...nothing. File is gone.
Ollie asks Blood about Laurel, seeing if maybe they actually had a fight or something, and he says they’ve barely talked lately.

Roy meets with Sin and shows how he can punch through concrete now. He knows Max was murdered by the Mirakuru, and decides to go bad guy hunting. They elect to go after the Starling Slasher, a lawyer who likes attacking hookers. Sin goes streetwalking and gets him alone, allowing Roy to tear up his car and throw him around. He even almost beats him to death until Sin interrupts, and he elbows her off of him. Roy quickly apologizes, and they call an ambulance. In the hospital, Thea shows up and puts two and two together. She asks to help, and he runs.

Slade shows up in Blood’s office, giving him the case file. He chides him for allowing Arrow to almost bust him and tells him to fix the problem. His solution is to have his inside man on the force to arrest Laurel.

In lockup, Detective Lance lets her know she’s tested positive for opiates; they found her stash she’s been taking from him. She’s released, but no one hears that Blood set her up. Ollie gives her a ride home and they start cleaning up, until Brother Blood shows up to knock him out and kidnap Laurel.

Laurel comes to in the Starling Cannery. Blood starts harassing her, but Arrow shows up and they have a fairly one-sided fight complete with voice modulation. Blood almost manages to put some bullets in our hero, but Laurel comes from behind and empties a clip into him. Arrow pulls off the mask, and Officer Daily smiles weakly as he bleeds out.
In the police station, Detective Lance consoles Laurel and reveals they found all the “evidence” against him. The DA tells her they’re dropping her possession charges, but she’s fired. In the Arrowcave, Ollie admits he tends to believe Laurel too readily. Going up top to the club, Thea reveals Roy’s predicament and how he won’t listen to her. He decides to help.

Blood meets Slade in his office, mentioning how the plan to frame Daily worked. Slade still isn’t satisfied though, and slices up three of his men in full Deathstroke gear. He threatens to kill Blood if he screws up again before disappearing.
Roy takes out the trash before the Arrow puts a red dart in the wall. He reveals himself and lets Roy take a few misguided swings before finally offering to train him. Roy heartily accepts.


Ollie and Sarah return to the blade to look for Slade, but no go. Sarah suggests reasoning with Ivo, but he won’t hear it. He apologizes for getting them into this mess, and she reveals she always had a crush on him, but Laurel got them busted and snatched him away. As he later sleeps, she grabs the walkie talkie and sneaks off. She calls Ivo, and he appears sorry he killed Shado. She recalls how he tortured people on the boat, and declares she’d rather be dead that help him. Ivo ends their call with a threat, just as she sees Ollie. They resolve to go find Slade.


Laurel is an addict? C'mon. They've subtly had her drinking a bit and popping pills here and there, and Detective Lance mentions a history of addiction in the family, so they've built up the "addict" angle, but it still seems a little forced. Now she needs substances to get by? Not during her parents' divorce, or when her sister and boyfriend were presumed dead, or when her boyfriend came back from the apparent dead, or when her new boyfriend died, or her multiple kidnappings? Now?

Also, why is Slade working with Blood? I know I asked before why he hasn't just killed Ollie and been done with it, but compared to Slade, Blood is a huge screw-up. He made an unstoppable monster man who still got killed, and almost got exposed just by asking our Laurel a couple times. Slade could've gone to anyone in the world with a super-power potion in his veins, why did he pick an insane alderman with daddy issues?

The flashbacks are really starting to drag, too. Presumably Slade is angry presently with Ollie because of Shado's death and maybe more, but we don't see that because he's been gone for an episode and a half. If he's just ticked that the woman who didn't want him died and it was arguably the fault of a spoiled rich douche, wrap it up. If they're stretching it out for the remaining three years and change Ollie was stranded to rack up a litany of sins, then again wrap it up. I don't want to see three more seasons justifying actions in Season 2. Have Slade find out what happened, kill Ivo, and escape from the island like it's housing Gilligan and the crew.

I really hope the training makes Roy a more likable character, because right now he's a huge douche. He was always a bit of a user before, but now that he's got super-powers he spends his time with other women, asks his girlfriend for "slutty" clothes, keeps secrets, hits his friends, and almost kills bad guys. This is how we get to "my ward is a junkie!?" I'm referring to the classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow story where the duo finds out Roy ("Speedy" in the comics) is a heroin addict; they bust the dealer, and Roy quits cold turkey. But in this instance, Roy is on drugs permanently and Arrow is going to train him to make it a good thing apparently. I haven't seen anything official saying this is an adaptation of a classic story, but it'd be in poor taste even if it wasn't coincidental. Is Laurel going to become The Painkiller next?

Anyway, Slade is getting closer to taking over a mid-sized city with an army of super-soldiers (overkill), Roy is getting superhero training, and Laurel is the bad kind of addict. Let's see where this leads.

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