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Emerald Recap: Arrow S02E010 "Blast Radius"

Arrow walks into a trap. Of lasers.
Arrow walks into a trap. Of lasers.
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The "Arrow" crew returns for some crime-stopping hi-jinks that feel rote compared to the ground-shaking epic mid-season finale last month. In fact, the most interesting thing about the show may have been Comic Book Resource's "Arrow Kill Tally" infographic.


A teary-eyed man declares war on the city, blowing up a building. Arrow, who's been trying to find the man in the skull mask from December, arrives on the scene and helps out some survivors. He and Diggle decide they need to find the man responsible. Felicity comes in late; she's been in Central City by Barry Allen's bedside. Apparently Allen's been in a coma since getting struck by lightning. She sets up a meeting with Detective Lance, who gives him the bomb fragments they were able to find. In return, he asks for Felicity to get phone records of all the local cops to find the potential leak that lead to Solomon Grundy tearing them up. During their meeting, an explosion goes off at the municipal building, and they track the bomber’s cell phone. He rabbits and throws down some small explosives as they chase, getting lost in a gas cloud. Back at the warehouse. Felicity and Ollie throw blame at each other. Diggle points out Ollie's attitude towards Felicity is new since Barry showed.

Later, Sebastian Blood announces a unity rally, and Arrow pays a visit. Blood thinks he’s caught, but Arrow's just worried about the bomber; he doesn't know Blood wears a scary mask. Felicity finds an anarchist message board where a user named Sharpnel, located in Starling, advocated war on the ruling class. She sends Arrow to his home, and it’s loaded with laser-triggered bombs. Ollie shoots for a fuse box, hoping to cut the power to the building and the bomb. It works.

The rally starts, and Diggle finds bombs in the speakers. Shrapnel arrives and fires at Diggle, but Arrow arrives. They chase, and Shrapnel has a deadman’s switch on various other charges. Arrow severs the wire, threat neutralized. Later, he resolves to work with Blood for the better of the city, oblivious to the truth.

During all this madness, Laurel has been going out with Sebastian Blood as a means to investigating him. Laurel arrives at Blood’s office. She asks about Cyrus Gold (Grundy), and apparently he was a preacher at his old orphanage. He admits he knew his parents; his dad was a drunk and abusive, and Mom shot him dead one night. He leaves for a meeting, and she notices a letter for Maya Resnick at the hospital. Asking her father Detective Lance to investigate, it turns out Maya Resnick is his asylum-committed aunt. She pays a visit, and Maya drops a bomb; she's Blood's mother, and he had her committed to stay silent after killing his own father.

Thea asks Roy how he is; he hasn’t been sleeping well. Followed by full-on dry humping, with glass jars falling on them. He takes a shard to the arm, pulls it out. Roy later takes a steel girder to the back at the unity rally for Moira. His cut has fully healed without stitches.

Flashback: Slade buries Shado next to her father and Ollie’s dad. Slade bequeaths her hood to Ollie. He wants to explain how Shado died, but Sarah is worried about how the drug has affected his brain. Slade says he’s going to fly the plane to Ivo’s ship and take him out, to Sarah's dismay. Ollie tries to break them up, and Slade lifts Ollie out of the way with one hand on his neck, until Sarah clocks him with a branch. He’s suitably shocked at his reaction, and they resolve to make camp. Later that night Ivo radios a deal; turn over the Mirakuru, and I'll let you live. Make me come get it and I experiment on you. Before they can decide, Slade is gone with the drug.


Why is Felicity sitting by Barry’s bed? They danced once, and he shot up her boss with rat poison. How does this engender a daily vigil? But I digress.

There was some straight-up dry humping this episode. This show isn’t appropriate for anyone anymore. Between the sex and violence, all that's left is some F-Bombs getting dropped. I wouldn't think that would happen on broadcast TV, but Thea's legs got some airtime around Roy this episode...But I digress.

This was sort of a "treading water" episode. After the mid-season finale dropped the Flash, Solomon Grundy, and Deathstroke, I'm not surprised they went to Shrapnel. It was a random villain lacking motivation, ultimately pushing Arrow into an alliance with the secret villain. This happened to some extent last season with our hero saving Merlyn's life before realizing he was a murderous jerk. Maybe this will be different considering the Big Bad is either going to be Deathstroke or Ra's Ah Ghul. Oh well, they can't all be epics.

It's also slightly weird that Felicity commented on how Ollie killing the bad guys saved on space in the prison. Especially considering Comic Book Resources tallied up how many people bit the dust in the first season today; I mentioned on Twitter that Ollie's body count in the first season topped the amount professed fictional serial killer Dexter racked up in the first season of Showtime's "Dexter," according to the Dexter Wiki "Dexterama." The producers seriously need to deal with this, because it's not just my crazy blogging behind that's a little put off now.

So here's looking forward to next week's episode; hopefully more Barry updates, more Blood investigation, and crazy powers appearing!

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