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Embracing Creative Ministries in 2011

Christian Performance Artist uses his gifts for God
Christian Performance Artist uses his gifts for God

Looking for a way to expand your ministry outreach programs, shake things up at your church or involve members in a new and exciting way? Try using their gifts and talents in the area of Creative Ministries. Everyone is gifted in one way or even many ways. Tapping into those gifts via Creative Ministries gives church members of all ages a chance to sharpen those gifts and reach people in a new and meaningful way for the Lord.

Creative Ministries isn’t about entertaining a congregation or a community, rather it’s about reaching deep inside ourselves to pull out every gifting we have in order to use it to glorify the Lord and reach those who sometimes seem unreachable. People from all different cultures, environments, educational levels and ages are able to come together and connect via Creative Ministries. Whether you’re causing a group to shout out with joy, sing, laugh, and dance or cry…using creativity to bring forth The Word and God’s life-altering message of salvation can benefit the church as well as those who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

If you’re considering expanding your outreach programs and aren’t sure how to tap into the creative side of your membership, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of the game by signing up for the KBC Creative Ministries Festival 2011. The Festival is set for March 4th and 5th. Registering before February 9th will save you some money and secure your place at the event.

Several churches around the region and from Kentucky will be performing during the event to give you a taste of what kind of spiritual impact Creative Ministries can have on individuals and groups. Besides offering these performances, there will also be special guest speakers, teachers and performance artists. The Festival also offers ‘how to’ workshops in many areas, including kids and arts, drama, comedy, lip sync, puppetry, magic, balloonery, musical theme interp, sign language, video making, choreography and many other areas. Several of the workshop topics will be offered in basic and advanced level classes for participants.

The Creative Ministries Festival also includes a Youth Missions-centered workshop focus; giving classes on how to plan a Mission Trip, Block Parties and creative games to reach youth.

Interested in the Festival? Check out the following link to register you and your church group:

Creative Ministries Festival 2011

For more information about the festival, contact the KBC Creative Ministries Team at 502-489-3574.


  • ASH Tillett 4 years ago

    Great article, sounds like ther will be many resources & opportunities for even very small churches to begin a creative ministry. Hope some mission teams come out of it as well. Karen, Thanks for another great eye-opening article! =-)

  • Richardttt 4 years ago

    This is exactly what I liked about the Day Star programming - ( The free digital Christian channel ) It's good family entertainment !

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